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FlexiCharge FC1500

The FlexiCharge FC1500 capacitor charging power supply, designed to meet medical safety standards combines a configurable AC/DC power supply with integrated capacitor charging capability.

The FC1500 ensures a consistent charge power for medical laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy equipment, eliminating the necessity for multiple power supplies. By delivering a steady 1500 W of power across charge voltages ranging from 200 V to 1000 V, it significantly reduces treatment times. This constant power feature facilitates rapid capacitor charging at lower voltages in mixed technology systems.

The unit can be used as a stand alone capacitor charger and, if needed various low voltage modules can be added to the unit to provide further system rails.

Remote control and monitoring capability can be gained with the analogue and digital PMBus interfaces.

Module NameVnom (V)Set point adjust range (V)Imax (A)Power (W)Module Type
CmA52.5 - 6.021.0105Single output (1 slot)
CmB 126.0 - 15.015.0180Single output (1 slot)
CmC2415.0 - 28.08.3200Single output (1 slot)
CmD4828.0 - 58.04.16200Single output (1 slot)
CmG V1243.0 - 30.03.090Dual output (1 slot)
CmG V2243.0 - 30.03.090Dual output (1 slot)
CmH V153.0 - 6.06.036Dual output (1 slot)
CmH V2243.0 - 30.03.090Dual output (1 slot)
CmA-W0151.0 - 6.021.0105Wide trim (1 slot)
CmB-W01121.0 - 15.0 15.0180Wide trim (1 slot)
CmC-W01242.0 - 28.08.3200Wide trim (1 slot)
CmD-W01483.0 - 58.0 4.16200Wide trim (1 slot)
CmK200175 - 2050.66132High voltage (1 slot)

Up to 5 of any of these module options will fit in the FlexiCharge unit. 

Product Highlights

Capacitor Charger:

  • Up to 1500 Watts
  • 0 to 1000 VDC
  • Excellent pulse to pulse stability
  • User power limit control
  • Internal fan cooled

AC/DC Power Supply:

  • Up to 800 Watts
  • Up to 10 Isolated outputs
  • Series and parallel outputs – higher voltages / currents

Typical Applications

Capacitor Charger:

  • Medical laser application examples – Surgical lasers, laser treatment, laser aesthetic treatments

AC/DC Power Supply:

  • Low voltage system power
  • Power for onboard computers and displays
  • Pump power
  • Power for cooling and heating

Useful Documents


FC1500 series FlexiCharge datasheet


FC1500 Series PMBus Communication Manual



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