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Advanced Conversion Test Kits


  • High performance bus structure
  • Adaptor plate for popular IGBTs
  • Custom specifications available


  • Prototyping & test systems
  • Transportation
  • Alternative energy

Advanced Conversion horizontal and vertical test kits utilise Power Ring and interconnect technology to enable customers to quickly prototype high power IGBT and SiC topologies.

To order a test kit please specify your IGBT or SiC module of choice, the voltage and the DC link capacitance you require.

The tables below list some examples of previous designs, compatible with SanRex and HybridPACK drive modules.

Capacitors can be customised to meet specific customer requirements. Click here for more information, or call us on +44 (0)1793 784839 and talk to a member of our technical sales team.

APCS can also provide a solution to include the DuPont Teijin PEN HV™ film which allows for a higher operating temperature up to 125⁰C, instead of the standard 105⁰C of metallised polypropylene film.

Test Kits for HybridPACK Drive Modules

Capacitance (uF)Tolerance (+/- %)DC Voltage (V)ESL at IGBT Terminals (nH)Typical ESR vs. FrequencyAssembly OrientationDatasheet*
700A186500uF10%500V< 8nH410μΩ at 20kHzHorizontal700A186
700A373500uF10%500V< 12nH410μΩ at 20kHzVertical700A373
700A243500uF10%500V< 8nH410μΩ at 20kHzHorizontal700A243
906A107550uF10%500V< 8nH635µΩ at 20kHzHorizontal906A107
700A245260uF10%750V< 8nH900µΩ at 20kHzHorizontal700A245
906A105320uF10%750V< 8nH840µΩ at 20kHzHorizontal906A105
906A104135uF10%900V< 8nH850µΩ at 20kHzHorizontal906A104

Advanced Conversion Horizontal Test Kit

Test Kits for SanRex Modules

Part NumberDielectricCapacitance (uF)Vdc (V)ESR (uOhms)
906A112PEN HV430750550*
TBCPEN HV190900470**

*Dissipation is 0.425 W out of 5.92 W total at 100 A and 30 kHz
**Dissipation is 0.965 W out of 5.67 W total at 100 A and 30 kHz

Advanced conversion custom DC link capacitor and bus bar

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*Advanced Conversion has acquired all of the technology and technical data of SBE Inc. References to SBE in documentation are now Advanced Conversion.


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