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Custom Integrated Capacitor Solutions

Advanced Conversion capacitor and busbar assemblies can be fully customised to match customer voltage, ripple current and mechanical requirements. The design capability is very broad with our project team working closely with customers to make sure the optimum solution is delivered.

To enable customers to start benefitting from the technology, a range of power ring capacitors and test kits with integrated busbars are available. These provide a low inductance way to start prototyping a design quickly. Once the fine details are known, a customised and minimised solution is then put into production. Popular module packages are supported including SanRex Techno Block, HybridPACK and SP6Li.

Learn more about the Power Ring technology and contact our technical sales team on +44 (0)1793 784839 to discuss your requirement further.

Advanced conversion custom bus structure Advanced conversion custom bus structure Advanced conversion custom DC link power ring

Design Process

APCS custom design process

Technical Papers

Technology OverviewDownload
DC Link Capacitor/Bus Solutions Enabling the Highest Possible Inverter Performance
Optimal DC Link Topologies for Best Utilisation of Switch ModulesDownload
Evaluation of Infineon HybridPACK™ Drive with Optimised Integrated Capacitor/Bus DC Link for High-Performance Inverter ApplicationsDownload
High-Performance DC Link Capacitor/Bus Sourcing Dual Infineon HybridPACK™ Drive Inverters for EV ApplicationsDownload
Optimised DC Link for Next Generation Power ModulesDownload
Are Snubbers the Right Choice for High Performance Inverters?Download
Integrated DC Link Capacitor/Bus enables a 20% Increase in Inverter EfficiencyDownload
Integrated DC Link Capacitor/Bus Structures to Minimise External ESL Contribution to Voltage OvershootDownload
Characterisation of Equivalent Series Inductance for DC Link Capacitors and Bus StructuresDownload
Electric Drive Cost Reduction by Design SimplificationDownload
Low Inductance – Low Temp Rise DC Bus Capacitor Properties Enabling the Optimisation of High Power InvertersDownload
Resonant Circuit Applications
System Level Considerations for Integration of Resonant Capacitors in High Power Wireless ChargingDownload
Improving Capacitor Banks for Alternative Energy and UPS Systems
Next Generation Dry Film AC Filter Capacitor Eliminates Catastrophic FailuresDownload
Increasing the Life of Electrolytic Capacitor Banks Using Integrated High-Performance Film CapacitorsDownload

*Advanced Conversion has acquired all of the technology and technical data of SBE Inc. References to SBE in documentation are now Advanced Conversion.

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