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Energy Storage Capacitors

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Energy storage capacitors available from PPM Power are not limited to a catalogue range. Current, voltage, size, mass and terminations are matched to the customer’s requirement and application.

High reliability is achieved using ultra low defect density, high isotactic, metallised polypropylene dielectric film incorporating an extended working temperature range and controlled self-healing capability.

Elements are wound on the latest precision edge controlled automatic winding machines. High conductivity copper is used for low resistance internal connections.

Capacitors are finished in powder coated corrosion free metal or insulated cases and filled with an environmentally safe oil or dry leak free resin.


Used in military, medical and industrial applications.

  • Oceanography (Subsea Surveys, Sparkers, Boomers)
  • Particle Accelerator and Laser Research
  • Lightning Simulation Testing and High Voltage Capacitor Banks
  • Defence
  • Food Industry and UV Sterilisation


Rated Capacitance (C)0.01 to 30,000 μF
Peak Repetitive Voltage (UNDC)100 to 50,000 V
Energy100 to 100,000 J
Life1000 to 10^9 shots
Ambient Temperature (θamb)-40 to +85 °C

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