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Power Ring – DC Link Capacitors


  • Extremely low ESR and ESL
  • Significant volumetric capacitor density
  • High temperature PEN dielectric


  • High Performance Inverters
  • Pulsed Power

Power Ring capacitors offer RMS current ratings that are an order of magnitude higher than traditional DC link caps. This allows the farad rating to be reduced to allow designers to push higher power density in their designs.

Power Ring capacitors can be directly bonded to the busbar to allow tight integration between components. Loop inductance from the module terminal to the capacitor can be as low as 5nH resulting in high resonant frequencies and the potential for a snubber free design.

Advanced Conversion Power Ring DC Link Capacitor with inward terminal feet



Power Ring Capacitors are available with outward or inward-facing terminal feet, with the latter providing space saving capabilities.



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Capacitors can be customised to meet specific customer requirements. Click here for more information, or call us on +44 (0)1793 784389 and talk to a member of our technical sales team.

Standard PowerRing Capacitors

Part NumberCapacitance (uF)Max. Operating Voltage (V)Cap. Tolerance (+/- %)RMS Current (A)ESL (nH)Datasheet*
700D41075uF1500V10%140A< 5nH700D410
700D719 *75uF1500V10%140A< 5nH700D719
700D408115uF1200V10%155A< 5nH700D408
700D718 *115uF1200V10%155A< 5nH700D718
700D411140uF1500V10%250A< 5nH700D411
700D406215uF900V10%175A< 5nH700D406
700D651 *215uF900V10%175A< 5nH700D651
700D409225uF1200V10%265A< 5nH700D409
700D407425uF900V10%285A< 5nH700D407
700D529500uF450V10%115A< 5nH700D529
700D349500uF600V10%210A< 5nH700D349
700D652 *500uF600V10%210A< 5nH700D652
700D599500uF700V10%175A< 5nH700D599
700D717 *500uF700V10%175A< 5nH700D717
700D600800uF450V10%225A< 5nH700D600
700D3481000uF600V10%400A< 5nH700D348
700D5471000uF700V10%300A< 5nH700D547
700D5251000uF900V10%300A< 15nH700D525
700D6281000uF1100V10%235A< 15nH700D628
700D6431000uF1300V10%300A< 5nH700D643
700D5231500uF600V10%460A< 12nH700D523
700D5091500uF900V10%380A< 15nH700D509
700D5901500uF1100V10%300A< 15nH700D590
700D6011600uF450V10%400A< 5nH700D601

* Version with inward-facing terminal feet to reduce footprint.

Universal busbars are available for standard modules to allow for a quick integrated solution.

Universal BusBars

Part NumberCompatible Discreet Power RingsCompatible Switching Devices
Microsemi MSCMC170AM08CT6LIAG
Infineon FF2MR12KM1
FUJI 2MSI300VAH-120C-53
Wolfspeed WAB300M12MB3
ABB 5SNG 0300Q170300
Microsemi APTGT200A120G
Infineon FF2MR12KM1
FUJI 2MSI300VAH-120C-53
Wolfspeed WAB300M12MB3
ABB 5SNG 0300Q170300
Microsemi APTGT200A120G

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*Advanced Conversion has acquired all of the technology and technical data of SBE Inc. References to SBE in documentation are now Advanced Conversion.


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