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High Voltage DC Power Supplies

  • PPM Power along with its partners specialise in unique high voltage applications from designing custom engineered HV systems to HV build-to-print. Using computational modelling along with subsystem and system level testing to design and deliver DC, pulsed high voltage and high power systems on time and to specification.

    High Voltage PowerMod DC Power Supply
    High Voltage PowerMod DC Power Supply

    To meet technical goals for our customers engineers integrate complementary technologies thereby creating new high voltage DC power supply architectures which achieve performance and size requirements not available with commercially available units.

    One example is a compact system offering 30 kW bipolar high voltage power in approximately one-half the volume of the nearest commercial module. Another innovative power supply produced voltages of up to 100 kV and demonstrated average powers of 20 kW in a volume of only 1.1 cubic feet.

    The innovative topology deviates from the current art as it uses a custom air-core resonant transformer with compact IGBT or MOSFET modules. Furthermore, the unique circuit designs react to microsecond output transits that would otherwise destroy most HV power supplies.

    PPM Power is pleased to quote custom and semi-custom applications to your specifications. Please contact our sales team on 01793 784389 to discuss your requirements.


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