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High Voltage Pulse Generators

PPM Power and its partners high power, high voltage, solid-state pulse generators (SSPG) range from IGBT arbitrary waveform generators (AWG) to classic pulse forming networks. Pulse power support equipment includes pulse transformers, thyratron drivers, ignitron drivers, spark gap triggers, fiber optic control systems, and high voltage relays. Pulse transformers of all types are available, with a particular emphasis on pulse generators adapted to use with IGBT switching.

The high peak power pulse generator offerings fall into three categories:

  • Up to 10 MW, IGBT switched systems with either “AWG” type series pulse generators or with a low voltage IGBT stage driving a pulse transformer output as required
  • Between 10 MW and 200 MW, both thyratron switched systems and complex IGBT systems (up to 50 MW)
  • Above 200 MW, Marx generators, PFN Marx generators, or other spark gap switched or magnetically switched systems

Custom units with outputs ranging from 15kV to over 700kV (solid state) and up to 1.5 MV (spark gap switched), and with discharge energies up to 6000 Joules, can also be offered.

Applications include radar, plasma processing for materials modification, electromagnetic pulse effects simulation, pulsed beam generation, food processing, high voltage processing, ion implantation, electronics testing, chemical processing and a variety of other areas.

Please call us on +44 (0)1793 784389 to talk about your requirements or application and we will gladly quote a high voltage pulse generator to meet your specifications.


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