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OPC10M – 10 kV Optocoupler / Optical Switch


  • Very high peak reverse voltage
  • Small case outline
  • Fast reverse recovery time


  • Automotive
  • High Temperature
  • Down Hole Use

The OPC10M is a 10kV high voltage optocoupler able to finely modulate a high voltage output signal up to 10 kV by adjusting a reference low voltage input. The products consists of a central diode and LED drivers in a fully encapsulated and light-tight package.  The device is exceptionally space efficient, and production methods allow lower costs than competitor solutions.  Custom parts are available.

OPC10M specification

CTRILED at 50 mA for 1 sec0.48 %
tON2 ?s
tOFF2 ?s
TOP-40 to 85 °C
TSTG-55 to 100 °C
Insulation VoltageLED Drivers to Photo Detector12000 V
VRRMPhoto Detector10000 V
IFAVMPhoto Detector - At 55 °C80 mA
IRPhoto Detector - At VDR = VRRM and ILED = 0 mA25 nA
IFSMPhoto Detector - Single Cycle, 1/2 Sine, 60 Hz10 A
VFPhoto Detector - At IF = 100 mA12 V
CIJPhoto Detector - At 1 MHz, VDR = 0 V3 pF
TJPhoto Detector100 °C
ILEDEach LED Driver100 mA
VFLEDEach LED Driver - ILED = 50 mA1.25 V
VRLEDEach LED Driver5 V

OPC series

Part #CTR (%)tON (μs)tOFF (μs)TOP (°C)TSTG (°C)Insulation Voltage (V)VRRM (V)IFAVM (mA)IR (nA)IFSM (A)VF (V)CIJ (pF)TJ (°C)ILED (mA)VFLED (V)VRLED (V)
OPC10M0.4822-40 to 85-55 to 10012000100008025101231001001.255
  • All specifications at 25 °C ambient temperature unless otherwise stated.
  • VDR is Detector Diode Voltage in Reverse

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