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Axial Lead High Temperature Diodes


  • Very high peak reverse voltage
  • Small case outline
  • Fast reverse recovery time


  • Automotive
  • High Temperature
  • Oil Well Drilling

HVCA axial leaded high temperature diodes suitable for medium or high voltage bridges or rectifier circuits which find application in power supplies and inverters.

Where space or temperature is critical these components can provide a simple solutions.

To discuss your requirement please call +44 (0)1793 784389 and talk to a member of our technical sales team.

HVA series

Part #VRRM (V)VF (V)IFAVM (mA)IR (μA)IFSM (A)TJMAX (°C)VZ (V)ERSM (mJ)Op. Temp (°C)Store Temp (°C)L (in.)D (in.)d (in.)l (in.)
HVA3K30003.28000.530175450015-55 to 175-55 to 1750.20.120.0321
HVA5K500055000.530175750035-55 to 175-55 to 1750.20.120.0321

HVTD series

Part #VRRM (V)VF (V)IFAVM (mA)IFAVM (mA)IFAVM (mA)IR (μA)IR (μA)IR (μA)IFSM (A)TJMAX (°C)Op. Temp (°C)Store Temp (°C)L (in.)D (in.)d (in.)l (in.)
HVTD33000255010.5183200-55 to 200-55 to 1750.470.120.0230.94
HVTD5L5000253550.553175-55 to 175-55 to 1750.470.120.0230.94
HVTD55000155050.5153175-55 to 175-55 to 1750.320.120.0230.94
HVTD66000253550.57.53175-55 to 175-55 to 1750.470.120.0230.94
HVTD77000253550.57.53175-55 to 175-55 to 1750.470.120.0230.94

HVTDR series

Part #VRRM (V)VF (V)IFAVM (mA)IFAVM (mA)IR (μA)IR (μA)IFSM (A)TJMAX (°C)TRR (nS)TRR (nS)Op. Temp (°C)Store Temp (°C)L (in.)D (in.)d (in.)l (in.)
HVTDR33000252510.2143175100300-55 to 175-55 to 1750.260.10.0230.94
HVTDR44000252510.2153175100300-55 to 175-55 to 1750.260.10.0230.94
HVTDR55000252510.2163175100300-55 to 175-55 to 1750.260.10.0230.94
HVTDR66000252510.2183175100300-55 to 175-55 to 1750.260.10.0230.94
HVTDR77000252510.2203175100300-55 to 175-55 to 1750.260.10.0230.94

Useful Documents

HVA Series


HVA Series Datasheet

HVTD Series


HVTD3 Datasheet

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