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Modular “Hi-Bel” Rectifier Assemblies


  • High voltage “Hi-Bel” modular design package
  • Custom parts available


  • High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Inverters

HVCA Hi-Bel rectifier assemblies have a screw thread design for easy series connections.

Suitable for high voltage applications such as power supplies and inverters.

Find the component in the table below or call +44 (0)1793 784389 and talk to a member of our technical sales team now.

HGE series

Part #VRRM (V)VF (V)IFAVM (A)IR (μA)IFSM (A)Op. Temp (°C)Store Temp (°C)DATASHEET
HGE2.525003.3810200-55 to 150-55 to 150-
HGE550005.5810200-55 to 150-55 to 150-

HGF series

Part #VRRM (V)VF (V)IFAVM (A)IR (μA)IFSM (A)TRR (nS)Op. Temp (°C)Store Temp (°C)DATASHEET
HGF2.525005.2810150150-55 to 150-40 to 150-
HGF550009810150150-55 to 150-40 to 150-

HGU series

Part #VRRM (V)VF (V)IFAVM (A)IR (μA)IFSM (A)TRR (nS)Op. Temp (°C)Store Temp (°C)DATASHEET
HGU220006101025050-55 to 150-40 to 150-

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HDB Series Datasheet


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