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Surface Mount Diodes


  • Very high peak reverse voltage
  • Small case outline
  • Fast reverse recovery time


  • HV power supplies
  • Image intensifiers
  • Analytical instruments

HVCA surface mount diodes suitable for high voltage bridges or rectifier circuits mounted on PCBs which find application inside size critical high voltage power supplies and inverters.  To discuss your requirement please call +44 (0)1793 784389 and talk to a member of our technical sales team.

Long Surface Mount Diodes (SLA, SLP and SLU series)Surface mount diodes

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SMA Diode Packages (SM and SP series)

SMA surface mount diode packages

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SLA series

Part #Vrrm (V)Max Vf (40mA) (V)Max Vf (50mA) (V)Max Vf (60mA) (V)Ifavm (55°C) (mA)Ifavm (100°C) (mA)Ifavm (70°C) (mA)Ir (μA)Ifsm (A)Trr (nS)Rθjl (°C/W)R θJC (°C/W)Temp (°C)
SLA20S20000405520400.531005057-55 to 125
SLA25S25000455018320.531005057-55 to 125
SLA30S30000554012250.531005260-55 to 125

SLP series

Part #Vrrm (V)Max Vf (200mA) (V)Ifavm (55°C) (mA)Ifavm (100°C) (mA)Ifavm (80°C) (mA)Ir (μA)Ifsm (8.3mS) (A)Trr (nS)Rθjl (°C/W)R θJC (°C/W)Temp (°C)
SLP05M50008.55000.5157.5150751727-55 to 150
SLP10M1000015.83000.5153.7150751727-55 to 150

SLU series

Part #Vrrm (V)Max Vf (100mA) (V)Ifavm (55°C) (mA)Ifavm (100°C) (mA)Ifavm (80°C) (mA)Ir (μA)Ifsm (8.3mS) (A)Trr (nS) *1Trr (nS) *2Rθjl (°C/W)R θJC (°C/W)Temp (°C)
SLU08M8000128504504000.520401320-55 to 150
SLU15M15000164502502400.520501320-55 to 150
*1 Max reverse recovery time at IF= 100mA, IR=-200mA; Irr = -50mA
*2 Max reverse recovery time at IF= 250mA, IR=-500mA; Irr = -125mA

SM series

Part #PackageVrrm (V)Max Vf (100mA) (V)Ifavm (55°C) (mA)Ifavm (100°C) (mA)Ir (μA)Ifsm (8.3mS) (A)Trr (nS)Rθjl (°C/W)Temp (°C)
SM3FG Gullwing30003.79003500.5106527-55 to 150
SM3F J Lead30003.79003500.5106527-55 to 150

SP series

Part #PackageVrrm (V)Max Vf (100mA) (V)Ifavm (55°C) (mA)Ifavm (100°C) (mA)Ir (μA)Ifsm (8.3mS) (A)Trr (nS) *1Trr (nS) *2Trr (nS) *3Trr (nS) *4Trr (nS) *5Trr (nS) *6Rθjl (°C/W)Temp (°C)
SP3SGGullwing30003.9120500.537540-55 to 125
SP3LGGullwing30003.64501100.5107522-55 to 125
SP3AGGullwing30003.27502000.51510012-55 to 125
SP5SGGullwing50001440200.536050-55 to 150
SP5LFGGullwing50007.62701400.5105042-55 to 150
SP5LGGullwing50008.52701400.5107542-55 to 150
SP8SGGullwing80001840200.537545-55 to 125
SP8LGGullwing800018100400.5107515-55 to 125
SP3SJ Lead30003.9120500.537540-55 to 125
SP3LJ Lead30003.64501100.5107522-55 to 125
SP3AJ Lead30003.27502000.51510012-55 to 125
SP5SJ Lead50001440200.536050-55 to 150
SP5LJ Lead50008.52701400.5107542-55 to 150
SP5LFJ Lead50007.62701400.5105042-55 to 150

*1 Max reverse recovery time at IF= 10mA, IR=-20mA; Irr = -5mA
*2 Max reverse recovery time at IF= 100mA, IR=-200mA; Irr = -50mA
*3 Max reverse recovery time at IF= 20mA, IR=-40mA; Irr = -10mA
*4 Max reverse recovery time at IF= 25mA, IR=-50mA; Irr = -12mA
*5 Max reverse recovery time at IF= 40mA, IR=-100mA; Irr = -20mA
*6 Max reverse recovery time at IF= 40mA, IR=-80mA; Irr = -20mA



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