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X-Ray Board Rectifiers

HVCA diodes connected in series mounted on rectangular boards suitable for immersion in insulating oil for high voltage applications such as x-ray generator circuits.

Custom board designs available on request, please call +44 (0)1793 784389 and talk to a member of our technical sales team.


  • High voltage rated rectifier
  • Large forward voltage drop
  • Centre tap and doubler configurations available

HVB series

Part #VRRM (V)IFAVM (mA)VF (V)IR (μA)IFSM (A)TRR (nS)L (in.)C (in.)D (in.)Op. Temp (°C)DATASHEET
Fast Recovery Subseries-
HVBF20020000022066021010010.5100.15-55 to 125-
HVBF25025000022066021010010.5100.15-55 to 125-
HVBF30030000022066021010010.5100.15-55 to 125-
HVBF35035000022078021010010.5100.15-55 to 125-
HVBF45045000022078021010010.5100.15-55 to 125-
HVBF600600000220105021010010.5100.15-55 to 125-
Fast Recovery, Common Anode (N) Center Tap Subseries-
HVBFN1001000002202422101006.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBFN1501500002202862101006.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBFN2002000002203852101006.56.170.14-55 to 125-
Fast Recovery, Common Cathode (P) Center Tap Subseries-
HVBFP1001000002202422101006.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBFP1501500002202862101006.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBFP2002000002203852101006.56.170.14-55 to 125-
Fast Recovery, Doubler-Style Center Tap Subseries-
HVBFD1001000002202422101006.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBFD1501500002202862101006.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBFD2002000002203852101006.56.170.14-55 to 125-
Standard Recovery Subseries-
HVB20020000022030022010.5100.15-55 to 125-
HVB25025000022036022010.5100.15-55 to 125-
HVB30030000022036022010.5100.15-55 to 125-
HVB35035000022039022010.5100.15-55 to 125-
HVB45045000022048022010.5100.15-55 to 125-
Standard Recovery, Common Anode (N) Center Tap Subseries-
HVBN75750002201102206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBN1001000002201322206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBN1251250002201432206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBN1501500002201762206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
Standard Recovery, Common Cathode (P) Center Tap Subseries-
HVBP75750002201102206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBP1001000002201322206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBP1251250002201432206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBP1501500002201762206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
Standard Recovery, Doubler-Style Center Tap Subseries-
HVBD75750002201102206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBD1001000002201322206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBD1251250002201432206.56.170.14-55 to 125-
HVBD1501500002201762206.56.170.14-55 to 125-

HVMB series

Part #VRRM (V)IFAVM (mA)VF (V)IR (μA)IFSM (A)TRR (nS)L (in.)C (in.)D (in.)Store Temp (°C)DATASHEET
Fast Recovery Subseries-
HVMBF2252250002205062101008.68.30.16-55 to 150-
HVMBF3253250002205982101008.68.30.16-55 to 150-
HVMBR4504500002208052101008.68.30.16-55 to 150-
Standard Recovery Subseries-
HVMB1751750002202302208.68.30.16-55 to 150-
HVMB2252250002202762208.68.30.16-55 to 150-
HVMB2752750002202992208.68.30.16-55 to 150-
HVMB3253250002203682208.68.30.16-55 to 150-

HVSB series

Part #VRRM (V)IFAVM (mA)VF (V)IR (μA)IFSM (A)TRR (nS)L (in.)C (in.)D (in.)Store Temp (°C)DATASHEET
Fast Recovery Subseries-
HVSBF1001000002203082101004.173.850.16-55 to 150-
HVSBF1501500002203642101004.173.850.16-55 to 150-
HVSBF2002000002203642101004.173.850.16-55 to 150-
Standard Recovery Subseries-
HVSB1001000002201402204.173.850.16-55 to 150-
HVSB1501500002201822204.173.850.16-55 to 150-
HVSB2002000002202242204.173.850.16-55 to 150-

XRB series

Part #VRRM (V)IFAVM (mA)VF (V)IR (μA)IFSM (A)TRR (nS)L (in.)C (in.)D (in.)Store Temp (°C)DATASHEET
Fast Recovery Subseries-
XRBF10010000022035221010065.60.15-55 to 150-
XRBF12512500022035221010065.60.15-55 to 150-
XRBF15015000022041621010065.60.15-55 to 150-
XRBF17517500022041621010065.60.15-55 to 150-
XRBF20020000022041621010065.60.15-55 to 150-
XRBF25025000022056021010065.60.15-55 to 150-
Standard Recovery Subseries-
XRB10010000022016022065.60.15-55 to 150-
XRB12512500022019222065.60.15-55 to 150-
XRB15015000022020822065.60.15-55 to 150-
XRB17517500022025622065.60.15-55 to 150-
XRB20020000022025622065.60.15-55 to 150-

XRLB series

Part #VRRM (V)IFAVM (mA)VF (V)IR (μA)IFSM (A)TRR (nS)L (in.)C (in.)D (in.)Store Temp (°C)DATASHEET
Fast Recovery Subseries-
XRLBF1001000002203742101006.756.50.16-55 to 150-
XRLBF1251250002203742101006.756.50.16-55 to 150-
XRLBF1501500002204422101006.756.50.16-55 to 150-
XRLBF1751750002204422101006.756.50.16-55 to 150-
XRLBF2002000002204422101006.756.50.16-55 to 150-
XRLBF2502500002205952101006.756.50.16-55 to 150-
Standard Recovery Subseries-
XRLB1001000002201702206.756.50.16-55 to 150-
XRLB1251250002202042206.756.50.16-55 to 150-
XRLB1501500002202212206.756.50.16-55 to 150-
XRLB1751750002202212206.756.50.16-55 to 150-
XRLB2002000002202212206.756.50.16-55 to 150-

Useful Documents


HVB Series Datasheet


HVMB Series Datasheet


HVSB Series Datasheet


XRB Series Datasheet


XRLB Series Datasheet


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