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eoCAL Field Applicator (Probe Calibrator)

Kapteos E-field applicators allow you to calibrate electric field probes in any fluid – air, gas or liquid. eoCal performance is based on a well-defined Volume Under Test (VUT) in which the E-field is constant, both in terms of field strength and direction. As compared to the classical plane-parallel capacitor structure, the entry-level field applicator eoCal LF reduces the spreading of the E field strength inside the VUT by a factor of three.

When E field measurements have to be carried out in a liquid or for periodic probe recalibration in air, a reliable E field applicator is required. A first line of E field applicator for low frequency calibration of Kapteos E field probes has been developed:

LF line is dedicated for probe calibration in any fluid from DC up to 30 MHz. A High Resolution (HR) module can be jointly used with an LF field applicator for increased stability of the E-field in the VUT and a 14 dB improvement in calibration accuracy.

Kapteos offers a recalibration service of your probes and associated optoelectronic converters. Specific calibration in different liquids are also possible on request.


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