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eoPod Articulated Probe Holder

The Kapteos articulated probe holder eoPod allows you to position up to three electro-optic probes in the measurement area, in almost all environmental conditions.. to give a comprehensive and punctual (within volume < 0.15 cm3) measurement of the E-field vector. The probe holder does not contain any metal and does not interfere with measurements.

  • Withstands contact voltage of 25 kVrms,
  • Withstands static magnetic field > 4.7 T
  • Suitable for use in aqueous media
  • Docking port up to three field probes (2 transverse and 1 longitudinal)

Two types of articulated probe holder are available:

  • air type for use with the air and vac lines of field probes
  • bio type for use with the bio line of field probes


Useful Documents


eoSense Probe Support Datasheet


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