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eoSense Opto-electronic Converter


The system allows for the measurement of the E-field VECTOR (amplitude and phase for each eigen axis). The E-field measurement is totally independent from the B-field. The electro-optic probes technology allows the best possible measuring performances without disturbing the E-field.

The eoSense converter provides, per channel:

  • A fully analogue signal (VOUT) proportional to the E-field component to be measured. This signal is recorded and stored either by any oscilloscope (for time domain analysis) or by a spectrum analyser or a VNA (for frequency domain analysis).
  • The Normalisation Factor (analogue value delivered by the OE converter) or the Antenna Factor (digital value read on the PC) lead to the absolute value of the E-field signal in V/m.

This opto-electronic converter must be used with the eoProbe sensors, a dedicated Kapteos software or dedicated instructions sent from your own software via the Ethernet port. It operates up to three directly connected eoProbes .

In real-time, the (100% analog conversion) the optical signal transmitted by the eoProbe is converted into an electrical signal that can be analysed with an instrument like an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser. It includes an antenna factor (AF) real-time treatment for measuring absolute electric fields (modulus, phase). Each eoSense is delivered with a Routine Test Report valid for 2 years.

LF-30S40 Hz-30 MHz30 dB (standard)
MF-01U1 kHz- 1 GHz50 dB gain
HF-10100 MHz - 10 GHz55 dB gain
HF-20100 MHz - 20 GHz45 dB gain
HF-4020 kHz - 40 GHz48 dB gain

Weightapprox 9 kg (for 1 channel version without AMP)
Operating temperature+15 to +30 °C (59 to 86 °F)
Relative humidity<= 95 % without condensation
Power supply100 - 250 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz , 150 W max.
Front panel I/OeoProbe connector: ruggedized UTS-LC (1/ch)
Signal output
50 Ω analog (1/ch)
* BNC type: LF and MF versions
* SMA type: HF-10 version
* 3.5 mm type: HF-20 version
* K female type: HF-40 version
Antenna factor correction:
1 x LED status
1 x Laser on/off key
Rear panel I/O1 x USB 2.0 port
1 x Ethernet port
1 x Laser interlock adaptor (BNC type connector)
1 x ground screw


Useful Documents


eoSense Datasheet


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