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eoProbe Electro-optic Probe

Kapteos eoProbe allows measurement of an electric field in frequency and time-domain for single-shot or repetitive signals. The probe can operate in harsh environmental conditions and measurement constraints: >1 MV, >40 kA, >5 T, reactive near-field area, vacuum, ultra confied space, <1 kHz and >10 GHz coupled physical effects e.g. 1 kW CW at 100 MHz with 3 T magnetic field.

An E-field probe or receiving antenna can be substituted by an electro-optic probe. The eoSense converter is used to feed the probe with a laser beam and convert the optical information into an electrical signal. This provides the true temporal evolution of a single component of the measured E field.  These probes do not interfere with the E field due due to the fully dielectric composition. Permanent power handling has been enhanced by a factor of 10 and a cubic base has been increased for better usability.

Three product lines:

  • vac probes – for measurements in a vacuum (down to 10-5 bar)
  • air probes for measurements at atmospheric pressure in low permittivity media like air or oils
  • bio probes for measurements in high permittivity media like aqueous liquids and biological tissues

Two different probe types:

  • Longitudinal probes (EL types) for an E-field component parallel to the probe axis
  • Transverse probes (ET type) for an E-field component perpendicular to the probe axis



Output power v electric field strength

Output power v frequency

Output power v E-field angle

Output power v wave incidence angle


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