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SiC Gate Drivers

Intelligent gate drivers manufactured by Agile Switch for a range of SiC Hybrid and SiC modules.

  • Gate driver boards that attach directly to the corresponding power modules providing the correct voltage signals to switch on semiconductors from a trigger or fibre optic input.
  • Evaluation kits available consisting of SiC MOSFETs gate driver and a peripheral components such as capacitors chill plates, heatsinks and bus bars.

SiC Gate Drivers

Part Number Package Type Maximum Voltage (kV) Maximum Switching Frequency (kHz) Number of Fault Conditions Monitoring Output Power (W) Datasheets
62EM1 62mm 1.7 200 7 Isolated High Voltage & Temperature (2x) 10 62EM1
EDEM2 EconoDual 1.2 50 7 Isolated High Voltage & Temperature (2x) 2 EDEM2
EDEM3 EconoDual 1.2 100 7 Isolated High Voltage & Temperature (2x) 3 EDEM3


Advanced Protection for Power Semiconductors

Silicon Carbide MOSFETs are capable of very good switching performance at high voltages and power levels that silicon cannot support. However, in order to optimise the performance, a high performance gate drive circuit is required.

To protect power semiconductors, AgileSwitch Gate Drivers have a unique capability. The driver boards from AgileSwitch are able to reduce the stress on the power semiconductor while reducing switching losses, through the use of augmented turn-off.

Under normal operating conditions, the gate voltage in a turn-off cycle steps through an intermediate level before reaching the off voltage level. Under short circuit conditions, the gate voltage steps through multiple intermediate levels before reaching the off voltage level.

In addition to this continuous process, the driver also protects:

  • Power supply under-voltage or over-voltage
  • Over-current (short circuit)
  • Over-temperature
  • DC link over-voltage.

Evaluation kits are available for engineers to explore the benefits of ATOff. If you have any questions or would like further information please contact PPM on 01793 784389 and speak to a member of our technical sales team.

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