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Diode and Thyristor Modules

Diode and thyristor modules from Hitachi Energy feature industry standard housings and very low losses together with the highest operating temperatures. The key benefits of the 60Pak module are high performance, reliability and increased overload capability.

Applications include:

  • Line frequency bridge arm
  • AC motor soft starters
  • DC motor drives
  • DC power supplies.

Diode and thyristor module features:

  • Insulated baseplate by AIN ceramic
  • Precision pressure contacts for high reliability
  • Industry standard housing

60PAK modules

Part numberVRRM (V)IFAVm (A)ConfigurationHousingPlecs model
5SET 0540T1800*  New1800542Thyristor / thyristor (phase leg)60 mm
5SEG 0540T1820* New1800542Thyristor / diode (phase leg)60 mm
5SEE 0540T1830* New1800542Diode / thyristor (phase leg)60 mm
5SED 0890T22402200889Diode / diode (phase leg)60 mmXML
5SED 0890T2250* New2200889Diode / diode (common anode)60mm
5SED 0890T2260* New2200889Diode / diode (common cathode)60mm

ABB Semiconductors is now part of Hitachi Energy. References to ABB in documentation are now Hitachi.

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