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High Power Diode Modules


  • Press-pack package design
  • Wide range of possible applications


  • Power supplies
  • Inverters
  • Welding

A broad range of high power diode modules including fast recovery and welding diodes suitable for a wide range of applications including inverters and high-current rectifiers. Datasheets are at the bottom of the page. Find the component you are looking for or call us on +44 (0)1793 784389 and talk to a member of our technical sales team.

GTO free-wheeling

Part numberVRRM (V)IFAVM (A)IFSM (kA)Qrr (µC)VDC (V)Package* (mm)
5SDF 13H45014500120025.0-280094/63
5SDF 10H60046000110018.0-380094/63

IGBT diodes

Part numberVRRM (V)IFAVM (A)IFSM (kA)Qrr(µC)Package* (mm)
5SDF 20L452145001950385300120/85
5SDF 28L4521450026204810100120/85

Diodes for IGCT Applications

Part numberVRRM (V)IFAVM (A)IFSM (kA)VDC (V)Package* (mm)Plecs model
5SDF 03D450245002755.0280060/34
5SDF 05F4502450043516.0280075/47
5SDF 10H45034500110020.0280094/63
5SDF 20L452045001950382800120/85XML
5SDF 28L452045002620482800120/85XML
5SDF 02D600455001753.0330060/34
5SDF 04F6004550038010.0330075/47
5SDF 08H6005550058518.0330094/63

Avalanche diodes

Part numberVRRM (V)IFAVM (A)IFSM (kA)Package* (mm)
5SDA 11D17021700131015.060/34
5SDA 27F20022000270031.075/47
5SDA 24F23032300235029.075/47
5SDA 10D23032300114013.560/34
5SDA 09D26042600102011.560/34
5SDA 08D320532009109.260/34
5SDA 21F32043200211026.075/47
5SDA 07D380638007907.660/34
5SDA 16F38063800162020.575/47
5SDA 06D500750006907.060/34
5SDA 14F50075000141017.575/47

Standard rectifier diodes

Part numberVRRM (V)IFAVM (A)IFSM (kA)Package* (mm)Plecs Model
5SDD 70H20002000703065.0101.5/63
5SDD 65H24002400652059.0101.5/63
5SDD 51L28002800538065.0120/78
5SDD 60N28002800683087.0151/100
5SDD 60Q28002800738587.0151/100XML
5SDD 11D28002800128515.060/34
5SDD 11T28002800128515.058.5/34
5SDD 24F28002800259630.075/47
5SDD 48H32003200470861.0101.5/63
5SDD 54N40004000520085.0151/100XML
5SDD 40H40004000384746.0101.5/63
5SDD 08T50005000102812.058.8/34
5SDD 08D50005000102812.060/34
5SDD 20F50005000197824.075/47
5SDD 36K50005000363845.0101.5/63
5SDD 38H50005000381445.0101.5/63
5SDD 33L55005500348046.0120/78XML
5SDD 50N55005500457073.0151/100XML
5SDD 06D6000600066210.558.5/34
5SDD 10F60006000136317.574.5/47
5SDD 14F60006000136317.574.5/47
5SDD 31H60006000320140.0101.5/63
5SDD 50N60006000421071.2151/100
5SDD 57N6500 # New6500570082.0151/100
5SDD 57X6500 # New65005850110.0151/100
5SDD 75Y8500 # New85006720121.0192/143

High Frequency

High Frequency Part numberVRRM (V)IFAVM (A)IFSM (kA)Package* (mm)
5SDF 63B040040062664463/44
5SDF 63X040040062664461/44
5SDF 90Z040140090414853/47
5SDF 0102C0400400101597075.5/57
5SDF 0103Z0401400102665456/49.5
5SDF 0131Z0401400130587063.5/57

Medium frequency

Medium frequency Part numberVRRM (V)IFAVM (A)IFSM (kA)Package* (mm)
5SDD 71X0200200711055.060/44
5SDD 0120C02002001100085.075/57
5SDD 71B0400 /5SDD 71B0200400711055.062/44
5SDD 71X0400400711055.060/44
5SDD 0120C04004001135085.075/57
5SDD 92Z0401400924460.053/47
5SDD 0105Z04014001050270.056/49.5
5SDD 0135Z04014001352685.063.5/57

ABB Semiconductors is now part of Hitachi Energy. References to ABB in documentation are now Hitachi.

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Standard Recovery (Rectifier) Diodes


Welding Diodes


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