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Gate Turn Off Thyristors (GTOs)


  • Proven field reliability
  • Optimized for fast switching
  • Low on-state & turn-off losses


  • Traction & Industrial
  • AC Drives
  • Power supplies

Broad portfolio of both asymmetric and symmetric GTOs with proven reliability in various traction and industrial applications. Find the component you are looking for in the table below or call us on +44 (0)1793 784389 and talk to a member of our technical sales team.


Part NumberVDRM (V)VDC (V)ITGQM  @  Cs (A)Cs (µF)Package* (mm)
5SGA 15F2502250014001500375/47
5SGA 20H2501250014002000493/63
5SGA 25H2501250014002500693/63
5SGA 30J25012500140030005108/75
5SGA 06D450245002800600158/34
5SGA 20H4502450022002000493/63
5SGA 30J45024500280030006108/75
5SGA 40L45014500280040006120/85

Buffer layer

Part NumberVDRM (V)VDC (V)ITGQM @ Cs (A)Cs (µF)Package* (mm)
5SGF 30J45024500300030003108/75
5SGF 40L45024500280040006120/85

ABB Semiconductors is now part of Hitachi Energy. References to ABB in documentation are now Hitachi.

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