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IGBT and Diode Dies


  • Exceptionally low stray inductance
  • Separated DC and phase connections for simpler inverter designs


  • Traction inverters
  • Medium voltage drives

Hitachi Energy’s IGBT and diode die range includes SPT (Soft Punch Through) chipsets and its improved versions, with lower losses (SPT+ and SPT++) available at 1200 and 1700 V blocking voltages.

They feature highest output power per rated ampere due to larger die area than competitors.

Typical applications for 1200 V IGBT and diode dies include power converters for industrial drives, solar energy, battery backup systems (UPS) and electrical vehicles. Applications for 1700 volt include industrial power conversion & drives, wind turbines and traction.

Hitachi Energy’s newly introduced 1700 V SPT++ technology is the world’s first 1700 V chipset that offers an operational junction temperature of up to 175 °C. This allows the module designer to increase the power density of power modules significantly.

Find the component you are looking for in the table below or call us on +44 (0)1793 784389 and talk to a member of our technical sales team.


Part numberDatasheetTypeSize mmVRRM (V)IF (A)
1.2 kV
5SLY 86E12005SLY 12E1200SPT+6.3 x 6.3120050
5SLY 86F12005SLY 12F1200SPT+7.4 x 7.4120075
5SLY 86G12005SLY 12G1200SPT+8.4 x 8.41200100
5SLY 86J12005SLY 12J1200SPT+10 x 101200150
5SLZ 88J1200 * NewPT++/ FSA11.8 x 8.71200300
1.7 kV
5SLY 86E17005SLY 12E1700SPT+6.6 x 6.6170050
5SLZ 86E17005SLZ 12E1700SPT++/ FSA6.6 x 6.6170050
5SLY 86F17005SLY 12F1700SPT+7.7 x 7.7170075
5SLZ 86F17005SLZ 12F1700SPT++/ FSA7.7 x 7.7170075
5SLY 86G17005SLY 12G1700SPT+8.6 x 8.61700100
5SLZ 86G17005SLZ 12G1700SPT++/ FSA6.8 x 11.41700100
5SLY 86J17005SLY 12J1700SPT+10.2 x 10.21700150
5SLZ 86J17005SLZ 12J1700SPT++/ FSA10.2 x 10.21700150
5SLZ 86L17005SLZ 12L1700SPT++/ FSA9.3 x 15.91700225
5SLY 86M17005SLY 12M1700SPT+13.5 x 13.51700300


Part numberDatasheetTypeSize mmVCES (V)IC (A)
1.2 kV
5SMY 86H12805SMY 12H1280SPT+9.1 x 9.1120057
5SMY 86J12805SMY 12J1280SPT+10.2 x 10.2120075
5SMY 86K12805SMY 12K1280SPT+11.2 x 11.91200100
5SMY 86M12805SMY 12M1280SPT+13.5 x 13.51200150
1.7 kV
5SMY 86G17215SMY 12G1721SPT+8.6 x 8.6170050
5SMY 86J17225SMY 86J1722SPT+10 x 10170075
5SMY 86J17325SMY 12J1732SPT++10 x 10170075
5SMY 86K17225SMY 12K1722SPT+11.3 x 11.31700100
5SMY 86K17325SMY 12K1732SPT++11.3 x 11.31700100
5SMY 86L17315SMY 12L1731SPT++7.4 x 19.91700120
5SMY 86M17215SMY 12M1721SPT+13.6 x 13.61700150
5SMY 86M17305SMY 12M1730SPT++13.6 x 13.61700150
5SMY 86M17315SMY 12M1731SPT++13.9 x 14.01700160
5SMY 86P17305SMY 12P1730SPT++15.9 x 16.91700225
5SMY 86Q1731 * NewSPT++16.4 x 18.01700250

ABB Semiconductors is now part of Hitachi Energy. References to ABB in documentation are now Hitachi.

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