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ABB LinPak module

LinPak IGBT Modules

Open standard phase-leg module from ABB offering exceptionally low stray inductance plus separated DC and phase connections for simpler inverter designs. LinPak is ideally suited for parallel connections with negligible de-rating, so a large range of inverter power can be realised with just one module type. A low stray inductance and an easy interface allows for a very low inductive DC connection with sufficient contact area for high current densities.

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Selection Table

Name Voltage (kV) Current (A) Body Length (mm) Body Width (mm) Body Height (mm)
5SNG 1000X170300 (AlSiC) 1.7 (2x) 1000 140 100 38
AlSiC* 3.3 (2x) 525 140 100 38
AlSiC (HV)* 6.5 (2x) 250 140 100 38



LinPak Module Datasheet


ABB Power Semiconductors


Datasheet – 5SNG 1000X170300 (AlSiC)






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