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IGBT and Diode Modules


  • SPT+ and SPT++ planar technology
  • Conduction loss reduction of 20 to 30%
  • Trench Fine Pattern (TFP) technology
  • Available from 1200 – 6500 V, 50 – 300 A


  • Traction inverters
  • Medium voltage drives
  • Wind turbines
  • HVDC and FACTS

Hitachi Energy’s IGBT and diode modules are available from 1200 to 6500 V as single IGBT, dual / phase-leg IGBT, chopper and dual diode modules. The high-power HiPak IGBT modules feature low losses combined with soft-switching performance and record-breaking Safe Operating Area (SOA). The newly introduced 62Pak fast switching medium-power IGBT modules feature lowest switching losses, full 175 °C operation with full square SOA and standard package allowing drop-in replacement.

  • LoPak 1200V IGBT modules

Find the component you are looking for in the table below or call us on +44 (0)1793 784389 and talk to a member of our technical sales team.


Part NumberVoltage VCES (V)Current IC (A)TypePackage
5SNG 0600R12050012002 x 600Phase leg IGBTLoPak
5SNG 0600R12059012002 x 600Phase leg IGBTLoPak
5SNG 0900R120590 *12002 x 900Phase leg IGBTLoPak


Part NumberVoltage VCES (V)Current IC (A)TypePackagePlecs model
5SNG 0150Q17030017002 x 150Phase leg IGBT62PakXML
5SNG 0200Q17030017002 x 200Phase leg IGBT62PakXML
5SNG 0300Q17030017002 x 300Phase leg IGBT62PakXML
5SNG 0225R17030017002 x 225Phase leg IGBTLoPak1XML
5SNG 0225R17039017002 x 225Phase leg IGBTLoPak1XML
5SNG 0300R17030017002 x 300Phase leg IGBTLoPak1XML
5SNG 0300R17039017002 x 300Phase leg IGBTLoPak1XML
5SNG 0450R17030017002 x 450Phase leg IGBTLoPak1XML
5SNG 0450R17039017002 x 450Phase leg IGBTLoPak1XML
5SFG 0900X170100 *17002 x 900Phase leg MOSFETLinPak
5SNG 1000X17030017002 x 1000Phase leg IGBTLinPakXML
5SND 1200M170300 *17002 x 1200Dual IGBTHiPak
5SNE 1200M170300 *17001200ChopperHiPak
5SNE 1600E17030017001600ChopperHiPakXML
5SNA 1600N17030017001600Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SFG 1800X170100 *17002 x 1800Phase leg MOSFETLinPak
5SNA 2400E17030517002400Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNE 2400E17030017002400ChopperHiPakXML
5SNA 2400N17030017002400Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 3600E17030017003600Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SLA 3600E17030017003600Single diodeHiPakXML


Part NumberVoltage VCES (V)Current IC (A)TypePackagePlecs model
5SNG 0250P33030533002 x 250Phase leg IGBTHiPakXML
5SNG 0450X33030033002 x 450Phase leg IGBTLinPakXML
5SLG 0500P33030033002 x 500Phase leg diodeHiPakXML
5SND 0500N33030033002 x 500Dual IGBTHiPakXML
5SFG 0500X330100 *33002 x 500Phase leg MOSFETLinPak
5SNE 0800E3301003300800ChopperHiPakXML
5SNA 0800N3301003300800Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNE 1000E33030033001000ChopperHiPakXML
5SLD 1000N33030033002 x 1000Dual diodeHiPakXML
5SNA 1000N33030033001000Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SFG 1000X330100 *33002 x 1000Phase leg MOSFETLinPak
5SLD 1200J33010033002 x 1200Dual diodeHiPakXML
5SNA 1200E33010033001200Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1200G33010033001200Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1200N33040033001200Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1500E33030533001500Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1800E33040033001800Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1800G33040033001800Single IGBTHiPakXML


Part NumberVoltage VCES (V)Current IC (A)TypePackagePlecs model
5SNG 0150P45030045002 x 150Phase leg IGBTHiPakXML
5SLG 0600P45030045002 x 600Phase leg diodeHiPakXML
5SLD 0650J45030045002 x 650Dual diodeHiPakXML
5SNA 0650J4503004500650Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 0800J4503004500800Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNE 0800G4503004500800ChopperHiPakXML
5SNA 1000J45030045001000Single IGBTHiPak
5SLD 1200J45035045002 x 1200Dual diodeHiPakXML
5SNA 1200G45030045001200Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1200G45035045001200Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SLD 1500J450300 *45002 x 1500Dual diodeHiPK
5SNA 1500E450300 *45001500Single IGBTHiPak
5SNA 1500G45030045001500Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1500G45035045001500Single IGBTHiPakXML


Part NumberVoltage VCES (V)Current IC (A)TypePackagePlecs model
5SNA 0400J6501006500400Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 0500J6503006500500Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SLD 0600J65010065002 x 600Dual diodeHiPakXML
5SNA 0600G6501006500600Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 0750G6503006500750Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1000G65030065001000Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SLD 1000J650300 *65002 x 1000Dual diodeHiPak

ABB Semiconductors is now part of Hitachi Energy. References to ABB in documentation are now Hitachi.

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