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SiC Phase-Leg Automotive Modules

RoadPak provides a high current Silicon Carbide (SiC) capability in a compact package. The design is optimised for low stray inductance and excellent thermal performance. RoadPak is the first module for e-mobility and automotive applications, in Hitachi Energy’s portfolio of power semiconductors, that takes advantage of SiC technology.

RoadPak addresses the medium to high power segment with the 750 V module achieving currents up to 1100 A, whilst the 1200 V module  achieves currents up to 980 A.

RoadPak modules are available with mounting kits, see the datasheet information below.

The Roadstar is a test kit with cooling for the RoadPak modules.

Typical applications include automotive and light commercial vehicles, aviation, renewable energy and battery charging. To find out more, call us on +44 (0)1793 784389 and talk to a member of our technical sales team.

Part number Tvj (operational) up to 175 °CVCES (V)ID (A)RDS(on) (mΩ) typ. 25 °CRDS(on) (mΩ) typ. 175 °CHousing
5SFG 0660A07500x7502 x 6602.44.2A
5SFG 0880A07500x7502 X 8801.41.9A
5SFG 1100A07500x7502 X 11001.11.5A
5SFG 0580B1200x12002 x 5802.95.2B
5SFG 0780B1200x12002 x 7802.44.2B
5SFG 0980B1200x12002 x 9801.93.2B

ABB Semiconductors is now part of Hitachi Energy. References to ABB in documentation are now Hitachi.

RoadPak Test Kit with Cooling

Part No.VDCCapacitanceRMS Current*Bus Connection
RDSR-0450-1600-XX4501.6 mF450 AParallel (2-Level)
RDSR-0600-1000-XX6001 mF420 AParallel (2-Level)
RDSR-0700-1000-XX7001 mF350 AParallel (2-Level)
RDSR-0900-0430-XX900430 uF350 AParallel (2-Level)

* All current ratings are subject to the bus thermal limits – these are determined by your application. Note that the core conductor size is 1.5 mm2 for each conductor.


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RoadPak SiC Modules


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RoadPak Modules with Mounting kits


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