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Silicon Carbide MOSFET Modules

Silicon Carbide (SiC) LinPak devices deliver several benefits, including a massive reduction of switching losses, an increase in current density and higher maximum junction temperature. These enhancements mean power conversion system efficiency is improved, a smaller footprint is achieved and cooling requirements are much lower compared to Silicon IGBT modules.

Typical applications for SiC LinPak modules include:

  • Propulsion traction converters
  • Turbine starters in aviation
  • String inverters in photovoltaic applications
  • Battery charging systems
  • Auxiliary traction converters
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems

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SiC LinPak Specifications

Part numberVoltage (V)Ampere (A)ConfigurationDatasheet
5SFG-0900X17010017002 x 900Phase-leg MOSFETDownload
5SFG-1800X17010017002 x 1800Phase-leg MOSFETDownload
5SFG-0500X33010033002 x 500Phase-leg MOSFETDownload
5SFG-1000X33010033002 x 1000Phase-leg MOSFETDownload

ABB Semiconductors is now part of Hitachi Energy. References to ABB in documentation are now Hitachi.

Useful Documents


LinPak Silicon Carbide MOSFETS


5SFG-0500X330100 Datasheet


5SFG-0900X170100 Datasheet


5SFG-1000X330100 Datasheet


5SFG-1800X170100 Datasheet


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