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Silicon Carbide MOSFET TO-247

The FMG50AQ120 is a compact but powerful version of the SanRex SiC MOSFETs, in an isolated TO-247-4L discrete package. This 4-Pin package is easy to incorporate into different designs, with a heat dissipation capability considerably bigger than the average chip due to the device construction. The thermal resistance is 0.22°C/W on average and the device has an isolated structure for faster switching and lower losses. This allows the product to operate in frequencies of over 500 kHz.

TO-247-4L SiC MOSFET cross section
Cross section of TO-247-4L package


TO-247 SiC MOSFET 3-pin structure TO-247 SiC MOSFET 4-pin structure
Structural comparison between TO-247 (3-Pin) and TO-247-4L (4-Pin)


  • EV Chargers
  • UPS
  • Motor drives

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Part no.IdVdssVgsRds(on) Vgs=20VVf (@50A & 150C)
FMG50AQ12050A1200V-7 to 22V15mΩ2.1V

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