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SP1 Microsemi SiC Power Module

SP1 Power Modules

Microsemi’s SP1 SiC MOSFET power modules can be used in high speed switch mode power conversion applications. These include induction heating, electric vehicle battery charging, auxiliary power supplies and photovoltaic inverters, as well as other high power applications which require high efficiency.

The product range offers half bridge topology, with voltage ranging from 700 V to 1200 V, and current ratings, (case temperature (Tc) is 80 °C) of between 44 A and 138 A.

SP1 Power Modules

Part No. Topology Voltage (V) RDSon (mΩ) Current Tc=80°C Package AgileSwitch Gate Driver Datasheet
MSCSM120AM16CT1AG Half Bridge 1200V 12.5mΩ 138A SP1 2ASC-12A1HP DATASHEET
MSCSM120AM31CT1AG Half Bridge 1200V 25mΩ 71A SP1 2ASC-12A1HP DATASHEET
MSCSM120AM50CT1AG Half Bridge 1200V 40mΩ 44A SP1 2ASC-12A1HP DATASHEET
MSCSM70AM19CT1AG Half Bridge 700V 15mΩ 97A SP1 Please contact us DATASHEET

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