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Custom Modular HV Connectors


  • Full custom design available
  • Rugged mechanical design
  • ISO 9001 certification& RoHS compliant


  • Material & testing technology
  • Semiconductors & microelectronics
  • Particle & nuclear physics

The modular design of this hybrid interconnection system allows almost any combination of high voltage pneumatic, signal and data transmission. Configure your interconnection system by combining numerous insertion modules and bundle lots of separate connections into one single service, maintenance friendly compact, IP65 protected hybrid connector.

Talk to PPM Power about your application and along with GES we can provide you a 3D model of your specific system for you to evaluate. We can also manage the entire or part system assembly for you, providing you with a ready to use ‘plug and play’ hybrid interconnection, customised specifically for your application.

Please call us on +44 (0)1793 784389 to discuss your requirement.

ges hv modules

High Voltage Modules

ModuleTypeContactsTest Voltage (kV DC)Current (A)Mating Cycles
RedHiPro ModuleSB HP22030> 500
RedPTFE1 ModuleSB PTFE x112030> 100000
RedPTFE2 ModuleSB PTFE x 222030> 100000

Pneumatic Modules

ModuleTypeContactsTesting PressureOperating PressureElectricalMating Cyles
BlueAir Liquid ModuleSB AL x2210 bar/145 psi8 bar/116 psi≥ 5,000
BlueAir Liquid ModuleSB AL x1110 bar/145 psi8 bar/115 psi≥ 5,000

Data Transmission Modules

ModuleTypeContactsInterconnectionsTransmission RateMating Cycles
GreenRJ45 ModuleSB RJ454+8RJ45/USB Type 2100 Mbits/S≥ 500
GreenSC ModuleSB SC3SC (optical fibre glass)Giga to Terrabit≥ 500

Signal Transmission Modules

ModuleTypeContactsRated VoltageCurrentMating Cycles
Grey3 Pol ModuleSB 3P3630V40A≥ 500
Grey5 Pol ModuleSB 5P5400V30A≥ 500
Grey10 Pol ModuleSB 10P10250V12A≥ 500
Grey20 Pol ModuleSB 20P2063V5A≥ 500
YellowCoax ModuleSB KX3250V≥ 500

Module Frames

ges module frames

Insertion modules are simply snapped into the module frame as specified in your application. There are five different sizes available from 2 to 7 HU (height units). The module frame is then screwed into the appropriate housing.

If requested we can manage the entire or part system assembly for you, providing you with a ready to use ‘plug and play’ hybrid interconnection, customised specifically for your application.

System Housings

ges system housings

The IP65 protected system housings are made of a lightweight and impact proof aluminium die cast alloy and are splash water and oil resistant. They are available in two different heights and four basic types:

  • hood
  • coupling
  • bulkhead
  • socket housing

All the housing types are available for all frame sizes 2, 3, 5 and 7 HU (height units) providing numerous cable entries. Also available are special housings and housings for use within a potentially explosive atmosphere. If you prefer a particular manufacturer for your housing, this can also be considered.

General CharacteristicsValueStandard
Protection class housingIP65
Protection class spring cover lockedIP65
Protection class spring cover unlockedIP54
Locking system1 or 2 locking leversDIN EN 175 301-801
Climatical CharacteristicsValueStandard
Climatic category40 / 100 / 21IEC 60068-1
Upper temperature+100°C /1000hIEC 60512-6, Test 11i
Lower temperature-40°C / 16hIEC 60512-6, Test 11i
Mechanical CharacteristicsValueStandard
Mating cycles≥ 500IEC 60512-5, Test 9a
HousingAluminium die cast alloyDIN EN 175 301-801
Protective coverPA
Rubber gasketNBR
Locking leverSteel, zink coated
Surface EMV housingSpecial surface coating

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