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Single Pin High Voltage Connectors


  • High quality materials
  • Rugged mechanical design
  • ISO 9001 certification & RoHS Compliant


  • Material & testing technology
  • Semiconductors & microelectronics
  • Particle & nuclear physics

GES single pin high voltage connectors are suitable for applications with operating voltage up to 100 kVDC with a range of mountings and gaskets for any system design.

Available with high performance PTFE insulation material and mating cycles up to 100 k.

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S Series

Rated DC Voltage (kV)Rated Current (A)Max. Operating Current (A)Pulse Current (kA)Mounting Type Receptacle
HSB1010304034 - Hole Flange
HSB111030403Round Flange
HSB2020304034 - Hole Flange
HSB212030403Round Flange
HSB3030304034 - Hole Flange
HSB313030403Round Flange
HSB4040304034 - Hole Flange

100 Series

Rated DC Voltage (kV)Rated Current (A)Max. Operating Current (A)Pulse Current (kA)Mounting Type Receptacle
SB1101030403Round Flange
SB115108011010Round Flange
SB1202030403Round Flange
SB125208011010Round Flange
SB125 Pro208011010Round Flange
SB1303030403Round Flange
SB135308011010Round Flange
SB1505030403Round Flange
SB155508011010Round Flange
SB1606030403Round Flange
SB165608011010Round Flange
SB110010030403Round Flange

S Series Datasheet


100 Series Datasheet

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