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High voltage amplifiers




High Voltage Amplifier Technology

Trek high-voltage power amplifiers use a closed-loop amplifier system with exceptional DC stability and excellent wideband performance. The units are solid-state and fully protected against arc-over and operation into short circuits. Power amplifiers employ a unique four-quadrant class AB high-voltage output stage constructed using MOS power transistor devices in a proprietary multidevice cascode configuration. This cascode connection provides tight voltage and power sharing across all devices in the cascode array to yield exceptional MTBF reliability performance.

As the stability of the closed-loop amplifier system is dependent upon the feedback voltage divider stability over time, temperature, and humidity, Trek employs an advanced thin film resistance technology in its feedback dividers. The signal from the feedback divider, being a precision divided representation of the amplifier output signal, is used to provide a low-level voltage monitor signal and to complete the feedback loop by comparing the divider output against the amplifier input signal in a high-gain integrating stage. The output of the integrating stage is used to drive optical couplers connected to the output stage cascode connected MOS device arrays, thus closing the feedback loop.To generate the high voltage required by the output stages, high-voltage, high-frequency switching type power supplies are typically used.

High-Voltage Amplifier Characteristics

  • Designed for wide bandwidth, high slew rate and low noise
  • Truest amplified reproduction of the applied signal and effective management of power dissipation while driving resistive or reactive loads.
  • Protected against output short circuits and over voltages.
  • Automatic current compliance limit or current trip feature for protective shut-down
  • Transconductance models are also available.

Features include:

  • High slew rates
  • Low noise
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Four-quadrant operation
  • Advanced opto-isolation circuitry

For low power HVA modules, please click here.

Amplifiers ≥ 5 kV

ModelOutput VoltageOutput Current (DC or Peak AC)Slew Rate (Greater than)Large Signal Bandwidth (DC to Greater than)Small Signal Bandwidth (DC to Greater than)Datasheet
50/120 to ±50 kV0 to ±12 mA350 V/µs1.4 kHz (2% Distortion )20 kHz (-3dB)Download
40/150 to ±40 kV0 to ±15 mA350 V/µs1.4 kHz(2% Distortion )20 kHz (-3dB)Download
30/20A0 to ±30 kV0 to ±20 mA550V/µs2.5 kHz(2% Distortion)30 kHz (-3dB)Download
20/20C-HS0 to ±20 kV0 to ±20 mA or ±60 mA peak ACfor 1 msMust not exceed 20 mA rms800 V/µs5.2 kHz (1% Distortion)20 kHz (-3dB)Download
20/20C0 to ±20 kV0 to ±20 mA450 V/µs7.5 kHz (-3dB) 3.75 kHz (1% Distortion)20 kHz (-3dB)Download
PD070160 to ±10 kV0 to ±60 mA DC ±300 mA peak AC for 20 µs1000 V/µs7.5 kHz (2% Distortion )20 kHz (-3dB)Download
10/40A-HS0 to ±10 kV0 to ±40 mA or ±120 mA peak ACfor 1 msMust not exceed 40 mA rms max900 V/µs23 kHz (-3dB) 9 kHz (1% Distortion)25 kHz (-3dB)Download
10/10B-HS0 to ±10 kV0 to ±10 mA DC or ±40 mA peak AC for 1 ms700 V/µs19.5 kHz (-3dB) 9.5 kHz(1% Distortion )60 kHz (-3dB)Download
609B-30 to ±10 kV0 to ±2 mA30 V/µs400 Hz(1% Distortion )10 kHz (-3dB)Download
610E0 to ±1 kV or0 to ±10 kV0 to ±200 µA 0 to ±2000µA35 V/µs1.2 kHz (-3dB)600 Hz(1% Distortion)10 kHz (-3dB)Download
PD050340 to ±7.5 kV0 to ±50 mA DC±160 mA peak AC1000 V/µs15 kHz(1% Distortion )75 kHz (-3dB)Download
5/800 to ±5 kV0 to ±80 mA1000 V/µs50 kHz (3% Distortion)75 kHz (-3dB)Download

Amplifiers < 5 kV

ModelOutput VoltageOutput Current (DC or Peak AC)Slew Rate (Greater than)Large Signal Bandwidth (DC to Greater than)Small Signal Bandwidth (DC to Greater than)Datasheet
609E-60 to ±4 kV0 to ±20 mA150 V/µs13 kHz (-3dB)6 kHz (1% Distortion )35 kHz (-3dB)Download
PZD2000A0 to ±2 kV0 to ±200 mA DC or ±400 mA peak AC750 V/µs60 kHz (3% Distortion)100 kHz (-3dB)Download
623B0 to ±2 kV0 to ±40 mA300 V/µs10 kHz (1% Distortion )40 kHz (-3dB)Download
2200 Series0 to ±2 kV 0 to ±1 kV 0 to ±500 V0 to ±20 mA peak AC 0 to ±40 mA peak AC 0 to ±80 mA peak ACFor detailed specifications please see specific models----Download
677B0 to ±2 kV0 to ±5 mA15 V/µs1.2 kHz(1% Distortion)5 kHz (-3dB)Download
PZD700A-1 PZD700A-20 to ±700 V (bipolar) 0 to +1.4 kV 0 to -1.4 kV (unipolar)0 to ±100 mA (bipolar) 0 to ±50 mA (unipolar)380 V/µs (bipolar) 370 V/µs (unipolar)125kHz (bipolar) (-3dB)120 kHz (unipolar)(-3dB)250 kHz (-3dB)Download
PZD700A M/S0 to ±700 V (bipolar) 0 to +1.4 kV0 to -1.4 kV (unipolar)0 to ±200 mA (bipolar) 0 to ±100 mA (unipolar)380 V/µs (bipolar) 370 V/µs (unipolar)150 kHz (bipolar)(-3dB)125 kHz (unipolar) (-3dB)200 kHz (-3dB)Download
601C-1 601C-20 to ±500 V 0 to +1 kV 0 to -1 kV±10 mA DC ±20 mA peak AC50 V/µs8 kHz (1% Distortion)30 kHz (-3dB)Download
PZD350A-1 PZD350A -20 to ±350 V (bipolar)0 to +700 V 0 to -700 V(unipolar)0 to ±200 mA (bipolar)0 to ±100 mA(unipolar)550 V/µs (bipolar)440 V/µs (unipolar)250 kHz (bipolar)(-3dB)200 kHz (unipolar)(-3dB)350 kHz (bipolar)(-3dB)250 kHz (unipolar)(-3dB)Download
PZD350A M/S0 to ±350 V (bipolar) 0 to +700 V 0 to -700 V (unipolar)0 to ±400 mA (bipolar)0 to ±200 mA (unipolar)500 V/µs (bipolar)400 V/µs (unipolar)250 kHz (bipolar)(-3dB) 200 kHz (unipolar)(-3dB)350 kHz (bipolar) (-3dB)250 kHz (unipolar)(-3dB)Download
2100HF0 to ±150 V0 to ±300 mA2000 V/µs2.6 MHz (-3dB)3 MHz (-3dB)Download
603-1 603-20 to ±125 V0 to +250 V 0 to -250 V0 to ±40 mA DC or ±80 mA peak AC100 V/µs150 kHz 5% Distortion--Download

1-2W High Voltage Amplifiers

Part NumberMax. Power (W)Max. Voltage (kV)Current (uA)Ripple (%V p-p)Dynamic Load Regulation (%V p-p)

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