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Bipolar High Power C Series

The dual polarity C series of UltraVolt capacitor chargers by Advanced Energy are suitable for high voltage, low power applications.

This range can provide full rated current from the rated voltage down to zero and exhibits low voltage ripple and precise regulation in a compact package.

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Bipolar High Power C Series

Part NumberMax. Power (W)Max. Voltage (V)Current (mA)Current Scale Factor (mA/V)Voltage Overshoot (V)Storage Capacitance (uF)
1/8C24-NP1251251251000833< 10.9
1/8C24-NP25025012520001667< 10.9
1/4C24-NP125125250500417< 10.9
1/4C24-NP2502502501000833< 10.9
1/2C24-NP125125500250208< 10.43
1/2C24-NP250250500500417< 10.43
1C24-NP1251251000125114< 10.019
1C24-NP2502501000250227< 10.019
2C24-NP12512520006252< 10.019
2C24-NP2502502000125104< 10.019
4C24-NP12512540003126< 10.013
4C24-NP25025040006252< 10.013
6C24-NP12512560002117.7< 10.013
6C24-NP25025060004235< 10.013

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