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Tape-Wound Soft Magnetic Cores


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Custom dimensions
  • C, D, E and toriods


  • High frequency transformers
  • High current filters
  • Current injection

Magnetic cores up to 2.1m x 2.1m, 1800kg and strip widths up to 0.6m.  There is virtually no limit on maximum strip width with stacked assemblies.

Cores can be supplied as an assembly of multiple cores stacked and bonded together. Stacked cores actually perform better because the voltage per lamination supported is divided by the number of cores stacked together. Thin epoxy layer can be applied to minimise sloughing of the outer layer, this is important in high voltage and oil applications.

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  • Nanocrystalline
  • 3% Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel (GOS)
  • 50% & 80% Nickel
  • Amorphous
  • Supermendur®, Cobalt-Iron High Flux
  • 6.5% Non-Oriented Silicon Steel
  • Other Specialised Materials


  • C-cores
  • E-cores
  • Uncased toroids including machined nylon, injection moulded, Aluminium and more
  • Pie type 3-phase cores, D-cores, bars and other custom shapes
  • Custom configurations


Case Studies

Ultra Low-Loss Amorphous Cores

  • Low-loss cores for inverters, energy storage application
  • Metglas 2605SA1 alloy in cut C-core geometry
  • Over 30% lower loss than other processes
  • Optimized annealing & bonding process
  • 3 weeks from engineering to delivery

Custom Pulsed Cores

  • Pulse power transformer for medical imaging equipment
  • Special coating for high insulation resistance & breakdown voltage
  • 30kV high power pulse test, pulse waveforms & data supplied
  • Custom tools for stacked assemblies

Energy Harvester Cores

  • Power harvesting for smart grid monitoring application
  • Tape wound technology for most efficient, cost effective solution
  • Specialised testing needed for qualification
  • 3 weeks from engineering to delivery

Advanced Nanocrystalline Cores

  • High frequency applications utilising a variety of nanocrystalline materials
  • Custom computer controlled atmospheric conditions to optimise annealing
  • Large core sizes up to 2.1 metres
  • Typically 3-5 weeks with expedite available



Magnetic Core Performance

The tables below show the performance of various magnetic core materials.
B (kG) is flux density in units of kilo-Gauss. Watts/lb and VA/lb are power loss and excitation VA when measured at the indicated flux (B) and frequency under sine wave excitation.

C Cores

Material DescriptionThickness (inches)Space Factor (Minimum)Maximum Watts/lbMaximum VA/lbTest Flux Density (kG)Test Frequency (Hz)Maximum Gap VA/inch2 @ .001"
3% Silicon Steel Silectron®1.001.8312.020.312.540016.3
80% Nickel-Iron Supermalloy®2.0005.6512.018.05.01000057.7
50% Nickel-Iron Deltamax®3.0005.6530.040.010.05000115.3
50% Cobalt-Iron Supermendur®4.002.8920.072.020.040052.0
Metglas®5 2605SA1.001.8216.5N/A2.020000N/A
Nanocrystalline Prime.0007 & .0005.785.5N/A2.020000N/A
Nanocrystalline FT3-W.0007.785.52.020000N/A

E Cores

Material DescriptionThickness (inches)Space Factor (Minimum)Maximum Watts/lbMaximum VA/lbTest Flux Density (kG)Test Frequency (Hz)Maximum Gap VA/inch2 @ .001"
3% Silicon Steel Silectron®1.004.9012.022.715.040051.8
50% Cobalt-Iron Supermendur®4.004.9022.0120.021.0400101.0



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