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ZGX Series Regenerative AC/DC Source and Load

The ZGX series is a compact modular design power supply with SiC PWM technology, working as a grid simulator, battery simulator, PV simulator, regenerative AC/DC load, bipolar DC source, RLC load and amplifier for HIL application.

The 15 KVA bidirectional power supply is designed in a 4U chassis, and can be upgraded to a 960 KVA system by master/slave paralleling. The maximum output of each unit is AC 450 V L-N, 30 A/ph, DC~1 KHz or DC 636 V, 90 A.

Bi-Directional AC/DC Source

The ZGX series can be used as a comprehensive, fast dynamic grid simulator for distributed generation system testing, such as the electrical characteristics of energy storage PCS, PV inverter, etc. The simulation functions include voltage and frequency fluctuation, voltage drop, high voltage ride through, low/zero voltage drop, three-phase unbalance, harmonic and inter-harmonic etc. The ZGX series meets the requirements of grid tied DG regulations testing, such as:

  • Grid voltage abnormality test
  • Grid frequency abnormality test
  • High voltage ride through test
  • Low/zero voltage ride through test
  • Anti-islanding test

AC/DC Load

In the regenerative AC load mode, three modes are available:

CR mode is used to simulate three-phase resistive loads and three-phase resistance parameters can be set through the panel and can realise the program of resistance sequence.

Rectifier mode can be used to simulate non-linear loads, the CC/CP mode and CF (setting range: 1.414~3) parameters can be set through the panel.

CC/CP phase lead/lag mode can simulate sinusoidal current, with constant current CC and constant power CP modes available to adjust load current or power. Phase angle can be set from 90°to -90° simulating the voltage and current conditions under inductive and capacitive loads.

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