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SPS Series

The SPS Series are high voltage power supplies utilising a fully digital control loop. This patented technology enables the products to provide unprecedented flexibility in performance, features, and system integration. Both performance and features can be configured and customised through software. They offer remote monitoring and control, constantly log essential statistics while running for use in design or troubleshooting and are expandable through available GPIO pins.

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SPS Series

Model NumberOutput VoltageOutput CurrentLow Freq.1 RippleHigh Freq.2 RippleOutput CapacitanceArc Limiting ResistanceIMON
Scaling3, 4
4 W Models
SPS-24-250*-425V to 250V16mA0.145%0.015%1µF22Ω12.0mA/V25V/V
SPS-24-500*-425V to 500V8mA0.13%0.008%0.5µF56Ω6.0mA/V50V/V
SPS-24-1000*-450V to 1000V4mA0.06%0.06%0.33µF200Ω3.0mA/V100V/V
SPS-24-2000*-425V to 2000V2mA0.05%0.08%0.0068µF1000Ω1.5mA/V200V/V
SPS-24-4000*-425V to 4000V1mA0.025%0.008%0.0034µF2700Ω0.75mA/V400V/V
SPS-24-6000*-425V to 6000V0.67mA0.015%0.01%0.0023µF5600Ω0.5mA/V600V/V
20 W Models
SPS-24-250*-2025V to 250V80mA0.14%0.016%1µF22Ω12.0mA/V25V/V
SPS-24-500*-2025V to 500V40mA0.12%0.012%0.5µF56Ω6.0mA/V50V/V
SPS-24-1000*-2050V to 1000V20mA0.11%0.007%0.33µF200Ω3.0mA/V100V/V
SPS-24-2000*-2025V to 2000V10mA0.1%0.01%0.0068µF1000Ω1.5mA/V200V/V
SPS-24-4000*-2025V to 4000V5mA0.09%0.014%0.0034µF2700Ω0.75mA/V400V/V
SPS-24-6000*-2025V to 6000V3.3mA0.076%0.019%0.0023µF5600Ω0.5mA/V600V/V
30 W Models
SPS-24-250*-3025V to 250V120mA0.24%0.024%1µF22Ω12.0mA/V25V/V
SPS-24-500*-3025V to 500V60mA0.2%0.014%0.5µF56Ω6.0mA/V50V/V
SPS-24-1000*-3050V to 1000V30mA0.156%0.012%0.33µF200Ω3.0mA/V100V/V
SPS-24-2000*-3025V to 2000V15mA0.112%0.012%0.0068µF1000Ω1.5mA/V200V/V
SPS-24-4000*-3025V to 4000V7.5mA0.088%0.013%0.0034µF2700Ω0.75mA/V400V/V
SPS-24-6000*-3025V to 6000V5mA0.076%0.02%0.0023µF5600Ω0.5mA/V600V/V
* Substitute P or N for positive or negative output.
1 % Vp-p 1 Hz to 1 kHz.
2 % Vp-p 1 kHz to 1 MHz.
3 Full Scale Signal, Values listed are for 10 V Option, Double for 5 V Option.

4 IMON for 10 V reference option, at maximum output current will read 1.33V on 4W models, 6.67V on 20W models, and 10.0 V on 30 W models. Half for 5 V reference options.

Useful Documents


SPS Series Datasheet


SPS Quick Start Guide


SPS User Settable Parameters



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