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LNC Series

The LNC series is a range of high voltage primary switched laboratory power supplies which provides a controlled DC output voltage with very low ripple.

The units are suitable for continuous, 24 hour applications for basic research in the industrial, automotive and light engineering sectors.

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Part NumberMax. Power (W)Max. Voltage (V)Max. Current (mA)
LNC 100-20020100200
LNC 100-50050100500
LNC 300-10030300100
LNC 300-20060300200
LNC 600-506060050
LNC 600-10060600100
LNC 1200-2024120020
LNC 1200-5060120050
LNC 3000-1030300010
LNC 3000-2060300020
LNC 6000-53060005
LNC 6000-1060600010
LNC 10000-220100002
LNC 10000-550100005
LNC 20000-360200003
LNC 30000-260300002

Useful Documents


LNC Series Datasheet


LNC Analogue Interface Connection Information


LNC Series Options List




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