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Artesyn iHP Series

Designed for a wide range of medical, industrial, lighting/horticulture and Semi applications, the Artesyn iHP configurable precision power system provides accuracy, resolution and stability as either a programmable voltage or current source. The air-cooled version is suitable for all applications, while the liquid-cooled variant is specifically designed for non-medical applications.

The standard air cooled model provides up to 24 kW whilst the liquid cooled option provides 20 kW (both in 3 kW increments). Both versions can be configured for up to 8 outputs using a wide variety of plug-in modules that address a large range of voltages and currents.

The iHP power system offers developers either an analogue or digital interface to their system supporting standard communications protocols, while a software graphical user interface (GUI) allows for easy configuration and user Dashboard creation.


  • Multi output precision and modular high power system
  • Outputs parallel up to 1600 A, series up to 1000 V
  • 100% digital control allowing for field upgradable firmware
  • Outputs program as voltage or current source
  • Versatile input and active power factor correction
  • Medical safety approved – no isolation transformer needed
  • Flexible control interfaces
  • Fast current slew rate up to 200 Hz
  • User defined command profiles

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Artesyn iHP Series Specifications

Module CodeNominal Output VoltageMax PowerOutput CurrentPower Density (W/cu-in)Input VoltageOperating Temp.
SL12V2400W0 - 200A32.5400V0 - 65 °C
SQ24V2880W0 - 120A39400V0 - 65 °C
ST32V2880W0 - 90A39400V0 - 65 °C
SW48V3000W0 - 62.5A40.6400V0 - 65 °C
S880V3000W0 - 37.5A40.6400V0 - 65 °C
S1125V3000W0 - 24A40.6400V0 - 65 °C
SA200V3000W0 - 15A39400V0 - 65 °C
S2250V3000W0 - 12A40.6400V0 - 65 °C
TW*50V12000W0 - 270ATBA395V ± 5V0 - 65 °C
T3*300V12000W0 - 50ATBA395V ± 5V0 - 65 °C

*Available in air cooled models only

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