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EVO Series

The EVO series of programmable high voltage power supplies is a range of versatile power supplies for a competitive price. They offer class-leading stability and accuracy and use the latest power electronics techniques to deliver 2kW and 3kW outputs in 2U. Remote programming is achieved via RS-232 or Ethernet. Front panel controls are simple and the interface is intuitive to use. EVO units are suitable for research in the analytical, industrial, automotive and light engineering sectors.

Compared to an equivalent 3kW regulated DC power supply, the EVO is approximately half the weight, half the size and delivers double the stability of line and load regulation – for a lower price.  A 14-day, no obligation trial period is available for customers to test the units.

Part Number Max. Voltage (kV) Max. Current (mA) Max. Power (W)
EVO 1500-1400 1.5 1400 2000
EVO 1500-2000 1.5 2000 3000
EVO 5000-400 5 400 2000
EVO 5000-600 5 600 3000
EVO 10000-200 10 200 2000
EVO 10000-300 10 300 3000

Technical Information

Input voltage & frequency
Single phase: 187-253V, 47-63 Hz (2kW Version)
Single phase: 230 V +/- 10%, 47-63 Hz (3kW Version)

Human Machine Interface
Coloured 3.5″ TFT screen with LED backlight
2 soft key input method

Communication Interface
RS232, Ethernet (SCPI), USB (Service port)
Optional analog controls

Positive, negative or reversible polarity

Voltage Setting
16 bit accuracy
0.01 – 100% rated voltage

Temperature Coefficient
Voltage: <0.01% nominal voltage per deg. C
Current: <0.01% nominal current per deg. C

Temperature Stability (over 8 hours)
Voltage: <0.01% nominal voltage
Current: <0.01% nominal current

2U x 19″ x 500 mm

Features & Options

Standard features:

  • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Limit functions for voltage and current
  • Interlock function
  • Easily configurable diverse I/O contacts
Optional functionality:

  • Ramp function
  • Arc detection
  • Fast discharge circuit
  • Electrical polarity reversal

Fully digitally regulated, best in class performance

Fully digitally regulated system based on a microcontroller and supported by an FPGA for measurement routines delivers outstanding speed and accuracy. The system is easily configured and is equipped with a huge variety of pre-configured settings. Standard units deliver an accuracy and stability class of 100 ppm. Optional high precision units provide an overall accuracy better than 10 ppm.

Customize to different loads

EVO high voltage power supplies can be customized to different load scenarios by configuring the regulation loop parameters.

Active power correction

The active power factor correction input stage meets multiple harmonic distortion standards, eliminating concerns with internal and external energy providers and minimizing interference in a lab environment. Units up to 3000 Watts are equipped with a single phase input@230V nominal ac voltage. The wide-range input allows voltages from 108 – 253 Vac.

Intuitive menu and extensive event memory

Backlit 3.5″ colour TFT screen ensures excellent readability of data and uses an intuitive menu for navigation. Well-designed sub-menus create a clear view in any operating condition. Access to sub-menus can also be protected using a numerical code. The units also have an extensive error and event memory file with time tags.

Communication interfaces

  • Designed for “plug and play” operation
  • Ethernet and RS232 using SCPI
  • Easy-to-use, basic web browser
  • Optional analogue interface

Practical chassis design

The enclosure can be used as a standardized 19″ chassis for industrial applications or a high-grade desktop device in a laboratory. No necessity for additional adaptors, which are never found when needed. The conversion from 19″ to desktop is achieved by modifying the position of two screws. Also, the air inlet grill can be equipped with an additional filter pad which can be changed easily from the front without tools.

Free software updates for 1 year

Software updates can be made using a special service plug on the rear side. Performance upgrades or updates for additional functionality are free for a year.

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