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Genesys+ 1U Series

  • 7.5 kW in 1U chassis – 0-1500 V / 0-500 A
  • Built-in LAN, USB RS-232 & RS-485 Interface
  • Isolated Analog Program/Monitor/Control Interface
The Genesys+™ series of programmable DC power supplies uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to improve performance, functionality and efficiencies up to 93%. Genesys programmable power supplies are used in applications such as component, aerospace and automotive testing, semiconductor fabrication, water treatment, plating and solar array simulation.

  • Constant current, constant voltage or constant power modes
  • Internal resistance simulation
  • Accepts three-phase 170-265Vac, 342-460Vac or wide range 342-528Vac inputs with active Power Factor Correction
  • 1U high, 19” (483 mm) wide rack
  • Models available from 0-10 V/100 A to 0-1500 V/0-5 A

Improvements over standard Genesys range

  • Two user-programmable output control pins can activate external devices, such as load disconnect relays
  • Arbitrary waveform profiles (e.g. car battery simulation at vehicle start) of up to 100 steps
  • Advanced parallel master/slave system allows a multi PSU system to achieve dynamic response, ripple and noise performance comparable to a single power supply.
  • Up to four units can be connected in parallel using a data link cable. The master and slave units automatically detect the parallel data connection and set their parameters accordingly
  • Faster up and down programming response times speed up operation with user adjustable voltage and current slew rate control

Genesys+ 1U Series

Part numberOutput voltageOutput currentPower (W)
G10-10010V 100A1000
G10-17010V 170A1700
G10-26510V 265A2650
G10-34010V 340A3400
G10-50010V 500A5000
G20-5020V 50A1000
G20-8520V 85A1700
G20-85-F20V 85A1700
G20-13520V 135A2700
G20-17020V 170A3400
G20-170-F20V 170A3400
G20-25020V 250A5000
G20-250-F20V 250A5000
G20-37520V 375A7500
G30-3430V 34A1020
G30-5630V 56A1680
G30-56-F30V 56A1680
G30-9030V 90A2700
G30-11230V 112A3360
G30-112-F30V 112A3360
G30-17030V 170A5100
G30-170-F30V 170A5100
G40-2540V 25A1000
G40-4240V 42A1680
G40-42-F40V 42A1680
G40-6840V 68A2720
G40-8540V 85A3400
G40-85-F40V 85A3400
G40-12540V 125A5000
G40-125-F40V 125A5000
G40-18840V 188A7520
G50-10050V 100A5000
G60-1760V 17A1020
G60-2860V 28A1680
G60-4560V 45A2700
G60-5660V 56A3360
G60-8560V 85A5100
G80-12.580V 12.5A1000
G80-2180V 21A1680
G80-3480V 34A2720
G80-4280V 42A3360
G80-6580V 65A5200
G100-10100V 10A1000
G100-17100V 17A1700
G100-27100V 27A2700
G100-34100V 34A3400
G100-50100V 50A5000
G100-75100V 75A7500
G150-7150V 7A1050
G150-11.2150V 11.2A1680
G150-18150V 18A2700
G150-22.5150V 22.5A3375
G150-34150V 34A5100
G150-50150V 50A7500
G200-25200V 25A5000
G300-3.5300V 3.5A1050
G300-5.6300V 5.6A1680
G300-9300V 9A2700
G300-11.5300V 11.5A3450
G300-17300V 17A5100
G400-13400V 13A5200
G500-10500V 10A5000
G600-1.7600V 1.7A1020
G600-2.8600V 2.8A1680
G600-4.5600V 4.5A2700
G600-5.6600V 5.6A3360
G600-8.5600V 8.5A5100
G600-12.5600V 12.5A7500
G1500-51500V 5A7500

Compatible with existing models

The new series is compatible with Genesys™ and Z+ models, using the same communication protocols and signals. All functions can be programmed via the front panel or remotely using the LAN (LXI 1.5), USB 2.0 or RS232/485 communications interfaces. An isolated analogue control and monitoring interface (0-5 or 0-10V) is also provided. GPIB (IEEE488) is available as an option.

Interface options

The Anybus CompactCom platform enables various interface options as they are introduced e.g. Devicenet, Ethercat, Modbus and Profibus. A full package of software drivers, waveform creator and virtual front panel GUI is provided.

Safety features

  • Safe Start – the power supply will return to its last operational settings after a power interruption but with the output disabled.
  • Auto Re-Start – the power supply returns to the last used operation settings after a power interruption.
  • Last Setting Memory – retains settings such as the output voltage/current, output on/off, OVP/UVL level, Fold-Back and Start-Up mode at each AC input turn-off sequence.
  • Built-in protective functions – include over voltage protection (OVP), under voltage limit (UVL), fold-back protection (FOLD) and over-temperature (OTP) protection.


Safety certifications include IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 with CE marking for the EMC, LV (low voltage) and RoHS Directives. The series conforms to the industrial environment I standard for conducted EMI, radiated EMI and EMC immunity.

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