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Ceramic Resistors


  • Low inductance
  • High energy rating
  • Water-cooled options


  • Inrush current limitation
  • Antenna matching
  • Snubbing networks

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Ceramic resistors from Ohmite are used as dump resistors and for inrush current-limiting due to the high energy absorption capability. This is the most cost effective and compact resistor technology for these types of application.

Resistors can be combined to meet any voltage, average power and peak energy specification that you may require. Talk to one of technical sales team using the chat window, email sales@ppm.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1793 784389.

Tubular Resistors

Resistor SeriesPower Rating (W)Resistance Values (Ohms)Peak Voltage (kV)Peak Energy (J)Length & Diameter (Inches)
884SP22.51 - 20012502 x 0.5
885SP451 - 13012502.5 x 0.75
885AS/DS156 - 1.2k828002.5 x 0.75
885A151.5k - 220k3.757502.5 x 0.75
886SP901 - 33045005 x 0.75
886AS/DS3015 - 3.3k2075005 x 0.75
886A303.9k - 390k1015005 x 0.75
887SP1501 - 330416006 x 1
887AS/DS5012 - 3.3k30130006 x 1
887A503.9k - 390k1260006 x 1
1026AS/DS705 - 1.2k30300006 x 1.5
888SP1901 - 390621008 x 1
888AS/DS7515 - 3.9k45165008 x 1
888A604.7 - 470k1575008 x 1
1028AS/DS1006.5 - 1.875k45460008 x 1.5
889SP2751 - 68010320012 x 1
889AS/DS10025 - 6.8k752700012 x 1
889A908.2k - 680k251250012 x 1
1032AS/DS1509 - 2.5k757500012 x 1.5
890SP3751 - 1k16420018 x 1
890AS/DS15040 - 10k1204300018 x 1
890A12512k - 1M402000018 x 1
1038AS/DS22515 -3.8k12011900018 x 1.5
891SP7501 - 450161500018 x 2
892SP10001 - 600221750024 x 2
1044AS30020 - 4.8k16516400024 x 1.5

Axial lead resistors

TypeAvge power @ 40oCResistance rangeRated pk voltageRated pk energyLengthDiameter
231BA1.2W6k-390k1.2kV35J0.75 inches (19.1mm)0.2 inches (5.1mm)
233BA1.6W1.8k-150k0.9kV80J0.75 inches (19.1mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
234BA2.4W4k-300k2kV140J1.125 inches (28.6mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
250BA2W1k-130k1.3kV130J0.75 inches (19.1mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
251BA3W2k-190k2kV200J1.125 inches (28.6mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
102BA4W9k-700k2.4kV300J2.125 inches (54mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
252BA5W5k-450k2.4kV450J2.125 inches (54mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
104BA7W18k-1000k7kV600J4.125 inches (104.8mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
254BA9W12k-970k7kV900J4.125 inches (104.8mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
106BA10W30k-1000k12kV1000J6.125 inches (155.6mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
256BA13W20k-1000k12kV1500J6.125 inches (155.6mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
109BA16W48k-1000k20kV1500J9.125 inches (231.8mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
259BA20W30k-1000k20kV2300J9.125 inches (231.8mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
231AS1.5W25-63501.5kV75J0.75 inches (19.1mm)0.2 inches (5.1mm)
231SP2.5W1-1000375V15J0.75 inches (19.1mm)0.2 inches (5.1mm)
233AS2W6-18001.1kV170J0.75 inches (19.1mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
233SP7W1-120375V20J0.75 inches (19.1mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
234AS3W12-50002.5kV275J1.125 inches (28.6mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
234SP10W1-330500V30J1.125 inches (28.6mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
250AS2.5W4-12001.5kV260J0.75 inches (19.1mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
250SP8.5W1-150375V20J0.75 inches (19.1mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
251AS3.5W8-23002.5kV400J1.125 inches (28.6mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
251SP12W1-330500V30J1.125 inches (28.6mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
102AS5W30-90003kV600J2.125 inches (54mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
102SP15W1-7001kV50J2.125 inches (54mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
252AS6W20-58003kV900J2.125 inches (54mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
252SP18W1-4601kV75J2.125 inches (54mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
104AS9W55-180009kV1200J4.125 inches (104.8mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
104SP25W2-15003.6kV95J4.125 inches (104.8mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
254AS11W36-120009kV1800J4.125 inches (104.8mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
254SP31W2-10003.6kV150J4.125 inches (104.8mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
106AS13W90-3000015kV1900J6.125 inches (155.6mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
106SP36W3-24005kV155J6.125 inches (155.6mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
256AS16W60-2000015kV2900J6.125 inches (155.6mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
256SP45W2-16005kV240J6.125 inches (155.6mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
109AS20W150-4800025kV3000J9.125 inches (231.8mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
109SP55W4-38008.8kV250J9.125 inches (231.8mm)0.31 inches (7.9mm)
259AS25W100-3200025kV4600J9.125 inches (231.8mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)
259SP70W3-25008.8kV380J9.125 inches (231.8mm)0.44 inches (28.6mm)

Slab resistors

TypeAvge power @ 40CResistance rangePeak voltagePk energy @ 40CLength
502SP30W0.2-1100..9kV150J2" (50.8mm)
503SP45W0.3-1901.9kV290J3" (76.2mm)
504SP60W0.4-2802.8kV480J4" (101.6mm)
506SP90W0.8-4504.7kV800J6" (152.4mm)
508SP120W1.0-6306.7kV1100J8" (203.2mm)
510SP150W1.3-8008.5kV1400J10" (254.0mm)
502BA10W1.2k-110k3kV700J2" (50.8mm)
503BA14W2.2k-210k5.4kV1200J3" (76.2mm)
504BA20W3.2k-300k8kV1800J4" (101.6mm)
506BA30W5.2k-490k13kV2900J6" (152.4mm)
508BA38W7.2k-680k18kV4100J8" (203.2mm)
510BA48W9.2k-870k22kV5200J10" (254.0mm)

Disk & Washer Resistors

Resistor SeriesPower Rating (W)Resistance Values (Ohms)Peak Voltage (kV)Peak Energy (J)Outside Diameter (Inch)
911DS-1.6 - 10059k1.60 +/- 0.06
912DS-0.7 - 90521k2.37 +/- 0.06
913DS-0.5 - 56533k3.00 +/- 0.08
914DS-0.3 - 36552.5k3.75 +/- 0.08
913WS-0.5 - 78527.6k3.00 +/- 0.08
914WS-0.3 - 36547k3.75 +/- 0.08
915WS-0.2 - 28565.5k4.37 +/- 0.08
916WS-0.2 - 24579.5k4.75 +/- 0.08
917WS-0.2 - 20580.5k5.00 +/- 0.08
918WS-0.1 - 135120k5.90 +/- 0.08

Water-cooled Resistors

Resistor SeriesPower Rating (W)Resistance Values (Ohms)Peak Voltage (kV)Peak Energy (J)Length x Width x Height (Inch)
W500SP3501 - 100--6.125 x 1.97 x 1.18
W1000SP7501 - 100--6.125 x 2.36 x 1.77

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