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Ultra-Fast MOSFET Switches


  • Extremely fast turn-on rise time
  • True gate control (no avalanche technique)
  • Very low impedance


  • High frequency systems

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Ultra-Fast MOSFET Switches

Voltage (kV)Peak Current (A)On-Resistance (Ohms)On-Time (ns)Dimensions L x W x H (mm)
HTS 30-06-UF3.6603.612080 x 38 x 35
HTS 30-08-UF3802.512080 x 38 x 35
HTS 50-08-UF580420089 x 64 x 31
HTS 50-12-UF*5120320089 x 64 x 31
HTS 80-12-UF*81204.5200122 x 64 x 31
HTS 80-20-UF**82002.7200122 x 64 x 31
HTS 100-20-UF**102003.4200153 x 102 x 25
HTS 120-15-UF**121504.8200153 x 102 x 25

*Option OT-5n not available

**Option OT-5n & OT-10n not available

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