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Custom Cold Plates

Custom cold plates can be designed and constructed from modifications to standard liquid cold plates or by sending a drawing and specification to PPM Power’s technical sales team. A design optimised to your system will reduce failures and minimise downtime.

Complex thermal designs can be modelled and optimised before production, reducing costs and testing time.

Liquid cold plate thermal analysis

Cold Plate Construction Methods

There are lots of ways to construct a cold plate, driven by the required performance and materials needed or the environmental requirements.

One construction method is to use a series of cross-drilled holes intersecting in a plate to determine the flow pattern and plug unneeded patterns. This construction method can be cost effective, but the pattern is limited to straight lines.

Another method is to embed a tube by machining a groove in the plate. The tube can either be placed toward the top surface of the plate to provide better cooling to devices mounted on that surface, or embedded further into the plate so that it cools devices mounted on both sides. This option provides greater flexibility, but the thermal performance is limited by the surface area of the tube perimeter.

Higher performance requires an extended surface area to be in contact with the fluid. This is achieved with machined cold plates to form flow passages, with a cover assembled to capture the flow. The extended surface area can be machined in place or installed by use of a piece of folded fin. The cover can either be flat or another machined plate.

Send us a drawing of the required design or alternatively contact a member of our technical sales team on +44 (0)1793 784389 to discuss specific requirements for your custom cold plates.


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