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Programmable Power Supplies for the Automotive Industry

Genesys For Automotive
With the automotive industry experiencing a period of transition as the world seeks to move away from vehicles powered by fossil-fuels to electric, the need for rapid testing on the production line has never been greater. To fill this need TDK Lambda has brought two new Genesys models to the market aimed at the automotive industry; the Genesys™ Fast-Speed and the Genesys Power Sink Option (PSINK) models.


Genesys™ Fast-Speed

Automotive ATE solutions can suffer from slow down/up programming speeds which produce bottlenecks in production throughput. Genesys™ Fast-Speed Models are especially designed for automotive test simulation and similar ATE applications where faster output dynamics are required, such as:

• Engine control
• Powertrain control (including hybrid drive technologies and electric drives)
• Vehicle dynamics (e.g. HIL, ESP, damping control)
• Diagnosis.

Improved testing speeds within these applications reduces the production times of automotive vehicles and in turn may increase profit margins for businesses due to the improvement in production output.

The table below demonstrates the specifications of the Genesys™ Fast-Speed 30-110-F module against a standard Genesys 30-110 module.

ModelOutput Voltage
[V DC]
Output Current
Output Power
Up-prog. response time, 0~Vo Rated
Down-prog. response time, Full-load
Down-prog. response time, No-load
Genesys Fast Speed

Genesys™ Power Sink

The Genesys™ Power Sink module measures power being fed back to the power supply and can sink any overcurrent up to 200 W in order to maintain a constant output voltage. When a power supply is programmed at lower voltage and low load conditions the module allows for a faster response. These features make the Power Sink Module useful for applications such as:

• ATE systems requiring fast down programming at no load conditions
• Automotive Motor Testing eg. power window drives, mirror and seat adjustment
• Testing capacitors and batteries
• Testing electric motors with PWM-speed control.

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