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Eight reasons you should be using PLECS for power electronics simulation


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1. PLECS is designed specifically for power electronics engineers

PLECS is high-speed simulation software (plus optional hardware) designed specifically for engineers developing power electronics in a commercial environment.

2. PLECS is the best system-level simulation tool around

Other software packages may allow highly accurate modelling of individual elements, but in power electronics, understanding the interactions between system elements is critical to optimising performance. Early system level testing can have a significant impact on the efficiency of a project as it allows more optimum definition of subsystems

3. You can use it from initial concept evaluation right through to hardware in the loop (HIL) testing.

The PLECS RT Box supports hardware in the loop (HIL). So, PLECS can be used to support a development project right the way through from initial concept evaluation, software in the loop (SIL) and processor in the loop (PIL) right the way through to testing real code on real hardware. This avoids the discontinuity and additional effort of using multiple platforms at different stages of the project.

4. PLECS is available as a standalone solution

The version of PLECS known as PLECS Standalone doesn’t require any other software. Moreoever, PLECS Standalone uses its own independent solvers which enable faster calculation.

5. A version of PLECS is available which integrates with MATLAB/Simulink

The version of PLECS known as PLECS Blockset integrates with MATLAB and its graphical user interface Simulink. This allows organisations already using MATLAB/Simulink to integrate PLECS with their existing work.

6. A huge library of components

PLECS includes a huge library of ideal and non-ideal components. In addition, new components can easily be created, either by modifying existing PLECS components or by combining multiple discrete components to create a more complex one.

7. You can model thermal, magnetic and mechanical as well as electrical performance.

No other software that allows system level modelling of thermal, magnetic and mechanical as well as electrical characteristics. In a practical context these aspects are critical to a successful development process.

8. You get a month’s trial for free

You can download the full software and trial it free for a month – just download one of the files on the PLECS downloads page and give PPM a call on 01793 784389. We’ll give you the key to start your free trial.



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