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Next Generation Capacitor Solutions

Advanced conversion custom DC link capacitor and bus bar

Film capacitors from Advanced Power Conversion Solutions (APCS) can be integrated into high performance DC link capacitor/bus solutions. A range of technical papers are available to download, covering different requirements and applications.

APCS technical papers

Case Study: 55 kV, 3 kA, 250 Hz continuous pulser

Oil tank HV assembly

A requirement came to PPM Power for a system that could stress large passive components with fast voltage and current pulses. Read the case study on the equipment designed to meet this application’s needs.

Case Study

How to install eoProbe on eoPod

The eoProbe allows measurement of an electric field in frequency and time-domain for single-shot or repetitive signals.

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First use of eoSense

eoSense is an opto-electronic converter allowing for the measurement of the E-field VECTOR.

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How to install eoSense software

To use and configure the eoSense opto-electric converter, the corresponding software is required.

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Universal electric field probe holder

The eoPod articulated probe holder allows you to position up to three electro-optic probes in the measurement area, in almost all environmental conditions.

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White Paper: North Star High Voltage Probes

Egyptian nilometer measurement device

Making accurate and wide band measurements of high voltage signals is challenging and there are many trade-offs and considerations. This white paper was written by Richard Adler of North Star High Voltage Corporation.

High voltage probes white paper

High Voltage Probe References in Literature

To demonstrate the application potential of their high voltage probes, North Star has compiled a comprehensive record of technologies and applications where the probes have been used.

High voltage probe applications

Fast High Voltage Transistor Switches

Behlke high voltage switch

HTS transistor switches are made up of a large number of MOSFETS, lying parallel and in series, combined in a low inductance bank. Download the overview and instructions to find out more.

HV switches overview

Power Supply Parametric Search

Heinzinger EVO 4-3 ratio

You can use our power supply parametric search to find suitable models for your application, based on specific requirements such as voltage, power and current. Includes specialist and custom units in AC-DC and DC-DC variants.

Try out the parametric search

Genesys+™ Application Notes

Genesys plus 7.5kW programmable power supply

From how to use programmable signals, to simulating a battery’s internal resistance and generating arbitrary waveforms, click below to browse TDK’s application notes for the Genesys+ programmable power supplies.

Read the Genesys+ application notes

C Series in Shockwave-Based Lithotripsy Systems

UltraVolt C series power supply

A leader in shockwave-based systems for urology, cardiovascular, and orthopedic applications is developing a versatile, easy-to-use device to break-up calcium deposits in patients. The system requires a high voltage DC-DC power supply to charge a capacitor.

Read the case study

HVA Series in Laser Surgery Systems

UltraVolt HVA series amplifier

A leader in innovative eye care was developing a new laser surgery system that would provide a more precise lens cutting method than the excimer laser. This new technology required a fast-reversing 6 kV power supply that could sink and source current.

Read the case study

High Power C Series for Medical Life Science

UltraVolt high power C series power supply

A medical life science industry customer required a power supply for sensitive instrumentation requiring 3000 V controllable pulsed DC output along with an additional isolated 24 V system for electronics and a touch panel.

Read the case study

Power Solutions for Mass Spectrometry

UltraVolt US series power supply

A leading mass spectrometer company faced the challenge of finding a compact, adjustable and stable power solution with extreme accuracy, low electrical noise and no vibrations for the development of their next-generation of portable, high-sensitivity mass spectrometers.

Read the case study

Excelsys CoolX1800 for Mobile X-Ray Systems

A critical requirement for one of the leading manufacturers of mobile x-ray equipment
was the ability to maintain power while moving the system. The power supply had to meet medical standards and be powered from a DC voltage generated from a battery pack.

Read the case study

ALE Capacitor Charging Application Notes

TDK ALE-203 series cap charger

From calculating capacitor charge time and AC line currents, to voltage reversal protection, click below to browse TDK’s application notes for the ALE series of high and low power capacitor chargers.

Read the ALE application notes

High Power Resistors for Demanding Industrial Applications

EBG UXP resistor with TIM PCM

EBG resistors are suited for demanding modern industry applications ranging from deep drawing presses in steel working, to powering advanced electric propulsion systems in large ships.

EBG application note

The Benefits of Techno Block SiC MOSFETs

SanRex SiC RDS (on)

Techno Block SiC MOSFET modules are ideal for demanding applications such as motor drives, power supplies, high performance inverters and induction heating. The modules meet both the compact size and high performance requirements for these applications.


Fast & Reliable Switching of Parallel SiC Modules

ABB RoadPak SiC Module

In this paper, the ABB RoadPak SiC power MOSFET half bridge module with multiple parallel chips is presented, which has been designed for stable operation under high speed switching conditions.

High speed switching paper

SiC Modules Utilising Split Output Topology

Vincotech Flow0-2C17W-P990 190-01-3D

As the switching performance demands for new wide band-gap components increases, so do the requirements for the commutation process. Split output topology provides an additional tool to reduce turn-on losses and boost cross-conduction suppression.

Vincotech split output paper

Increasing Efficiency in Booster Power Modules

Vincotech FlowBOOST 0 dual SiC

This paper compares the efficiency of power modules based on a booster to see how pure silicon components stack up against SiC. It also discusses the benefits, drawbacks and
challenges of using SiC technology.

Vincotech booster modules paper

Solid State Switches in Demanding Applications


This paper from ABB describes a new generation of solid state switches using reverse conducting Integrated Gate Controlled Thyristors (IGCT) for short pulse discharge applications.

Solid state switch paper




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