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RoadPak SiC Module Offers Advantages in Vehicle Operation

ABB RoadPak SiC Module
RoadPak is the first module for e-mobility and automotive applications in ABB’s portfolio of power semiconductors that takes advantage of Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology.

The RoadPak module is designed to house up to ten parallel SiC MOSFET chips, reaching a current rating of 980 A at 1200 V (effectively offering 1100 A at 750 V). The module offers extremely fast switching speeds, up to 35 V/ns and maintains stable operation even with gate resistor values as low as 0.15 Ω.

ABB RoadPak SiC Module

High Power Density

RoadPak comes in a compact, transfer molded package with direct cooling. Die are directly attached to the substrate with solid copper bond wires. This achieves the highest power density and reliability in demanding applications.

Low Inductance Package

The design offers very low stray inductance of 6 nH for maximum operational efficiency. This allows optimisation of the cooling solution, with size and weight benefits.

Benefits of SiC technology

SiC is a Wide Bandgap (WBG) semiconductor material, with significantly lower losses than Silicon (Si) IGBTs at higher temperatures and switching frequencies.

SiC performance gains over IGBTs improve at higher voltages. As the battery voltage used in electric vehicle applications increases from 400 V now to 800 V (or above), 1200 V rated SiC devices such as RoadPak will be the most efficient solution.

With the cost of SiC becoming increasingly competitive, the major growth of the automotive and electric mobility markets is driving a shift to SiC as the preferred technology.

Specific Advantages of SiC for Vehicle Operation

SiC has clear advantages at high switching frequencies and there are additional benefits associated with conduction losses. The linear losses are advantageous if electric motors are operated for significant periods with less than 50 % of their maximum power. In this area the conduction losses of SiC are always significantly lower than the conduction losses of Si semiconductors.

Conduction losses of Si vs SiC semiconductorConduction losses of Silicon IGBT vs. Silicon Carbide MOSFET

The higher switching speeds available with SiC can offer up to a 75% reduction in semiconductor losses, directly translating into increased efficiency. This means battery weight can be reduced or range can be increased.

Energy consumption savings of SiC vs Si SemiconductorEnergy consumption savings for SiC compared to Si technology

The RoadPak module is also ideal for use in aviation, renewable energy and battery charging applications.

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