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Further your knowledge by registering for power electronics seminars. The following seminars will be held either as webinars or in person, with locations and dates TBD depending on interest.

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Capacitors for SiC

Learn how Advanced Conversion’s unique film capacitor geometry, dielectric film options and integrated busbars give you the chance to exploit modern SiC modules. The session will also explain low inductance commutation loops, reduced creepage and clearance issues, low self heating – and how these benefits allow inverter designers to differentiate their products within the market.

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DC Protection and Control

Understand how Schaltbau contactors deal with arcs in bi-directional DC systems (some only work when current flows one way), ensuring safe and repeatable switching. Also learn how the open structure allows you to inspect and refresh the contacts; reducing cost and maximising system availability.

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HV Switch Considerations and Choice

Learn about the design considerations for HV switches, including peak current and power dissipation within the device. Also learn best practice for physical layouts and cabling choices to avoid component damage.

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Contact us to register for any of the above seminars or request a topic/subject you’d like to learn more about.



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