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Simulating a Battery’s Internal Resistance using the Genesys+™ Programmable Power Supply

Internal Resistance on battery circuit
Whether it’s old or new, a battery will have some internal resistance because it is made up of elements that are not perfect conductors.

By using the Genesys+™ series of programmable power supplies, it is possible to simulate the battery voltage drop, saving the inconvenience and time consumed trying to test with an actual battery. The result of this is that the components and equipment can be thoroughly and more efficiently tested before being used.

Through the Genesys+ front panel menu, or any of the standard communication interfaces, the user is able to manually set and adjust the internal resistance to accommodate for the battery. The resistance can be set in 1 mΩ steps from 1 mΩ up to 1 Ω.

A Changing Voltage

When a battery has a load applied to it, the voltage produced will change. As time goes by, the load continues to drain power from the battery, reducing the available voltage. A high current will drain the battery faster, leading to a lower voltage in the battery, while a lower current will see a high voltage remain.

A battery does not produce a consistent voltage, meaning those systems which aren’t designed to operate with a changing voltage will be unable to function correctly.

Internal Resistance on battery circuit

Increase in Internal Resistance

The failure of a battery is usually because the internal resistance has become so great that the battery can no longer supply the load with a useful amount of power. The increase in a battery’s internal resistance can have several causes.

1) When the metal plates begin to corrode and reduce in size, the internal resistance rises, while the voltage drop increases.

2) In a battery, a separator is used to prevent electrodes from coming into electrical contact, while also being porous, allowing ions to flow through them. Over time, these pores in the separator clog and as a result, the ion flow decreases and the resistance increase.

3) Similarly with the electrolyte, components in the battery can corrode and decrease the number of charge carriers, increasing resistance.

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