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Single pin HV connectors now prefabricated with 30kV cable assembly

GES high voltage connector S series news image

GES connectors have announced that the S-series of single-pin high voltage connectors is now available prefabricated as a cable assembly. With all electrical connections potted, there is no air in the terminations. This reduces partial discharge (micro-sparks) which means lower noise and longer lifetimes. The S-series is a premium-quality single-pin connector for classic high voltage applications such as HV outputs on high-voltage power supplies.

The S series is available in four variants for operating voltages from 10 to 40 kVDC (testing voltage 15-60 kVDC) at a rated current of up to 30A*. A shielded 30 kV quality cable is used to a cable length specified by the customer.

GES Electronic & Service have supplied connectors for a multitude of high voltage applications worldwide.  GES HV connectors are exceptionally reliable, long-lasting and well-engineered.

High voltage connectors

S-series single-pin HV connectors

*max. continuous current 40 A, surge current 3000 A.

GES 10kV high voltage connector HSB10

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