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Testing with the ZGX Series Regenerative 15 kVA AC-AC+DC Source and Load

ZGX series power supply
In the ever-evolving field of electronics, the need for precision and reliability in testing equipment has never been greater, and engineers understand that the quality of their tests is directly linked to the quality of their equipment. The BriPower ZGX Series Regenerative AC-AC+DC Source and Load offers a standard 4U rack solution capable of delivering 15 kVA for comprehensive converter testing. Multiple units can be slaved together to scale test solutions to 960 kVA.

ZGX series power supply

Compact 4U Rack

One of the most significant advantages of the ZGX Series is its 4U standard 19” form factor. Traditional test setups with this level of power would often require multiple pieces of equipment. The ZGX Series condenses this power into a single, efficient 4U rack unit, simplifying the setup and maintenance of the testing environment.

This space-saving design not only enhances efficiency but also saves valuable lab real estate. The convenience of this 4U rack standard means engineers can focus more on their testing objectives and less on managing bulky equipment.

Versatile Regenerative Functionality

Regenerative capability is a key feature of the ZGX Series. Unlike conventional power supplies that would require some way of dissipating excess energy as heat, normally in a dump resistor, regenerative power supplies recover energy and feed it back into the grid. This feature is invaluable for testing energy-efficient systems, reducing operating costs, and minimising environmental impact.

Testing Setup, Precision and Reliability

The ZGX has built in options for battery simulation, photovoltaic cells (PV), and advanced powerline simulation for aerospace standards. A built in system for defining the source impedance of the power supply adds powerful simulation and validation possibilities, and the new RCD option allows for diode behaviour to be emulated in the ZGX output. With a highly stable output voltage, advanced programming capabilities it provides the control required to test a broad spectrum of electronic components and systems.

Contact PPM Power

The ZGX Series Regenerative AC-AC+DC Source and Load is available from PPM Power. Its standardised 4U rack form factor and regenerative functionality make it an ideal tool for testing converters, inverters, and power electronics systems.

To discuss your requirements and find the perfect testing solution, contact our technical sales team.

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