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The Benefits of SanRex SiC MOSFET Modules

SanRex SiC RDS (on)
SanRex Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET modules are ideal for demanding applications such as motor drives, power supplies, high performance inverters and induction heating. The modules meet both the compact size and high performance requirements for these applications.


1. Compact Package

SanRex SiC MOSFET footprint-area competitor comparison94 x 29.8 x 14 mm package

SanRex SiC MOSFET modules have the equivalent specifications of 300 A rated modules, whilst having a volume less than half that of competitor devices.

2. Innovative Die

SanRex SiC MOSFET compact internal free wheeling diode

The die integrates a Schottky free-wheeling diode in a single device. The small package size and optimised internal layout offers minimised interconnect inductance for high speed switching.

3. Internal Construction

SanRex SiC MOSFET Techno Block space saving

SanRex’s ‘Techno Block’ technology uses top and bottom die soldering and transfer mould package design, instead of traditional wire bonding construction. This offers significantly improved reliability.

4. Reliability (Thermal Cycling)

SanRex SiC MOSFET power cycling capability

The Techno Block technology is robust and offers three times greater thermal cycling capability than standard industry packages. The modules are guaranteed for > 30,000 cycles at 50 – 150°C test conditions.

5. Short Circuit Capability

SanRex SiC MOSFET high short circuit capability

The SanRex SiC MOSFET has more than 8 µs short circuit capability. Reliability is maintained at transient condition while allowing easier design of short circuit protection.

6. High Gate Threshold Voltage

SanRex SiC MOSFET gate threshold noise capability competitor comparison

The modules offer 4 – 4.5 V typical threshold voltage for improved noise rejection.

7. Low RDS (on) at Operating Temperatures

SanRex SiC MOSFET conduction-loss competitor comparison
Normalised Rds (on) vs. Temperature

The Rds (on) curve for the SanRex SiC module is flatter than competitor products with a significant benefit at high operating temperatures, resulting in reduced cooling requirements.

Other products available from PPM Power for high performance inverter applications include DC link capacitors. Please contact us to make an enquiry, or to discuss your requirements with PPM Power’s technical support staff.

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