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Why use nanocrystalline magnetic material?

Nanocrystalline image

Nanocrystalline is a soft magnetic material composed of 82% iron which has been dubbed the future of magnetic materials in power electronics.  Higher permeability means lower loss transformers, which can translate to large reductions in size and weight.

Lower losses, smaller size and reduced weight

The losses of a Nanocrystalline core can be up to two-thirds less than an equivalent Nickel Supermalloy core and up to 80% less than for toroid geometries. Less power is dissipated by the transformer (or inductor) and means the size of cooling components can be reduced.

Ease of switch over from other materials

Nanocrystalline can be formed into any shape and therefore offers a drop-in replacement for existing cores manufactured from other materials, such as Supermalloy or ferrite.

Nanocrystalline v Supermalloy

Nanocrystalline material is more suitable than Supermalloy in applications such as high frequency/broadband transformers, broadband current sensors, high frequency filter chokes and pulse transformers because nanocrystalline offers:

  • High permeability over a broad frequency range
  • High saturation flux density
  • Low losses

Soft magnetic cores from PPM Power

PPM Power can supply tape-wound soft magnetic cores manufactured by MK Magnetics from a range of materials, including grain-oriented silicon steels, 50% and 80% nickel alloys, amorphous material, cobalt alloys and nanocrystalline. Cores up to 1.8m x 1.8m / 1800Kg and strip widths up to 0.6m are possible.

potential magnetic core weight reductions based on material

Potential magnetic core weight reduction (2000 Gauss, 20kHz)

Comparison of magnetic materials

Material Losses Saturation Permeability
Grain Oriented Silicon Steel x ***** ++
Standard Crystalline Permalloy xxxxx **** ++
Advanced Silicon Steel xxxx *** +++
Fe-Amorphous Steel xxx **** +
High Performance Ferrite xxx * ++
Advanced Crystalline Permalloy xxx ** ++++
Co-Amorphous Alloys xx ** +++
Nanocrystalline Alloys x **** +++++

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